WebEDI: Launch EDI by a few clicks

WebEDI is the easiest way for a supplier to launch an electronic data interchange (EDI). WebEDI is suitable even for customers that transfer fewer than ten documents each month. Receiving, sending and archiving of EDI messages takes place in a web browser, without any connection with a economic system (ERP).

ORiON webEDI, enables suppliers to easily process orders, issue and send invoices, delivery notes and handle other types of messages directly on the website. Via a secure protocol and with help of encryption you will be able to access your documents anywhere, anytime.

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New smart web application ORiON webEDI

Compared to full-fledged ORiON EDI solution, the data for outgoing EDI messages (e.g. invoice, delivery note) must be manually transcribed. However, to make this work easier, you can use a smart Web application ORiON webEDI, which completes a range of data on your behalf, and also checks whether documents include all the essentials. It also gives access to a number of smart upgrade services such as trustworthy archive of documents, operational factoring and management of product data

What are the advantages of ORiON webEDI?

It is always possible to switch to a full ORiON EDI solution without loss of documents, history and settings.


ORiON webEDI service uses the platform ORiON® for the electronic exchange of documents, in particular, for transfer of data of the secure VAN networks (Value Added Network). These operate similarly to mobile operators, i.e., it is possible to connect with business partners who use their own solutions for exchange of documents or other provider of EDI services. This of course also includes business partners and partner companies abroad. 

Hardware requirements 
Software requirements

When to consider switching to a full EDI? 

ORiON WebEDI is very fast and simple solution of EDI communication through which a supplier can almost instantly start using electronic data exchange with partners and, for example, meet the requirements of a supply chain. However, since it is not a solution integrated into an information system (using a web application), it is necessary to manually transcribe both incoming and outgoing documents. This does not give access to the biggest benefits of EDI communication, although a supplier can still save costs on printing, postage and archiving of documents.

20 and more documents per month = time to consider integrating EDI into a company system

If there is an increase in business transactions and numbers of EDI messages on the side of a supplier, the administration required for processing of documents might become impossible to manage in time. Then, it is obvious to consider switching from webEDI to classic EDI, which is connected with a company system and makes all activities automatic. 

Find more information about full ORiON EDI solution here.