Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

ORION EDI: Electronic Data Interchange and paperless documents communication

ORION EDI is a system for the electronic exchange of documents (EDI) such as orders, invoices, delivery notes, price lists, product catalogues, inventory levels, logistics and other documents. This solution is provided as a service that is used for paperless processing of buying and selling through the exchange of structured documents in electronic form. It represents a flexible communications technology that can be used by both small local producers as well as large multinational companies. 

The exceptional qualities of ORION EDI include:

It is not a coincidence that this service is trusted by more than 2,000 companies. According to a survey, 96% of these customers stated that they would recommend the ORION EDI solution to others. 


Which EDI communication solution should you choose? 

EDI for suppliers (selling)

Do you want to make the exchange of business and logistics documents more efficient and meet the requirements of your business partner?  


  • Integration with a company information system.
  • Takes full advantage of electronic data interchange (automation of transfer and control, absence of human error caused by manual transcribing). 
  • Very fast return on investment.
  • Suitable for larger amounts of documents and multiple counterparts.

Find out more information about ORION EDI here.


  • Without integration into information system (documents must be manually transcribed).
  • Works with any internet browser. 
  • The fastest and easiest way to start with EDI. 
  • Suitable for a smaller volume of documents. 

Find out more information about ORION webEDI.

ORION EDI: for purchaser (buying)

ORION EDI for purchasers (buying role) is a solution of electronic data exchange and paperless communication that is fully focused on the specifics of the retail and wholesale sectors. It allows for a significant streamlining and speeding up of the whole process of buying goods, including management of product (master data) information, ordering, logistics or goods delivery and invoicing.

This solution that is integrated into an information system of a customer is provided in a form of a service. CCV Information Systems thus provide export and import, conversion, electronic signature and archiving of documents such as orders, invoices, delivery notes, price lists, product catalogues, logistics documents and others. 

Find more information about ORION EDI for purchasers here.

EDI for logistics

ORION EDI solution for logistics is a complete specialised solution for comprehensive electronic data interchange (EDI/B2B) between logistics companies and their customers. With this advanced solution, the flow of documents related to logistics and other processes on both sides is realized only in electronic form and immediately without delays.

Find more information here about ORION EDI for logistics.

How does the ORION EDI solution for electronic data interchange work?

ORION® integrates EDI with other company e-communication in one interface, enables to issue, send, receive and archive electronic documents from retail chains, logistics providers and other partners, even from public authorities. Essentially, it works as a translator, postman and an archive. 

Individual documents flowing from business partners are converted by ORION® into readable form for their counterpart. The form is readable by both a human and an information system. A document is delivered to an information system almost instantly without a need to manually transcribe data. At the same time, this electronic original is reliably achieved to preserve the tax document properties required by law. 

EDI - Electronic data interchange with ORION solution

No worry about correct formats

ORION EDI enables to use traditional global methods of EDI communication on international standards UN/EDIFACT, EANCOM. It is a technologically advanced, innovative solution for comprehensive EDI services, available both to small producers and entrepreneurs, as well as large producers and retail chains. Furthermore, it supports all formats of electronic communication used on the market, such as GS1 XML ISDOC, IDOC and similar. You do not need to worry about formats of documents anymore. 

Automation and acceleration of processes

Connection of EDI communication to business processes is ensured not only by means of standard solutions of ORION® services, but also by so-called smart assistants. Assistants provide further added value, and thanks to them, ORION EDI represents a solution that really thinks on your behalf. 

Conveniently, as a service

ORION EDI has minimal requirements on the capacity of a company's existing equipment or maintenance and operation from the client side. It requires no initial investment into new hardware or software, because it is primarily a service for comprehensive management of electronic data interchange. You can save by avoiding significant one-off investments, and also get a cheaper, and more importantly, more efficient and reliable service operation. 

ORION EDI fulfils two basic roles in the area of electronic communication. The role of the interpreter, whereby it translates messages; and the role of postman whereby it then manages distribution of messages between business partners. In ORION application, you can also easily and systematically manage and archive all electronic business and logistics documents, records of transactions and events.

Translation of messages

  • Conversion of different message formats (EDIFACT, XML, ISDOC, PDF, TIFF, in-house TXT, IDOC and others)
  • Interconnection of various formats regardless of a type of an information system
  • Standardized conversion of messages according to internationally recognized standards of GS1 Czech Republic

Distribution of messages 

  • Sending and receiving of messages (via EDI, mail, fax, SMS etc.).
  • Tracking the delivery status of messages
  • Sending notices about status of messages 
  • Interconnection of remote workplaces of a company
  • Addressing of messages to individual divisions or distribution warehouses