Warehouse software LOKiA WMS

  • manages, records and evaluates warehouse processes
  • increases productivity of warehouse workers while reducing their error rate
  • user-friendly system with a wide range of add-on functions
  • helps to speed up warehouse operations and get overview of inventory level and inventory location

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Effective management of warehouse workers

  • precise instructions on barcode readers
  • optimal route of warehouse workers when handling goods
  • prioritization of activities using a task queue
  • KPI‘s, reports and evaluation

100% overview and traceability of inventory

  • displaying inventory on graphical map of warehouse
  • settings and keeping principles of picking (FIFO, FEFO)
  • tracking parameters of goods (batches, dimensions, expirations, lot numbers)

Easy integration with enterprise systems

  • wide support of ways to connect to ERP or e-shop
  • GRiT’s extensive experience with integrations
  • API interface, file communication

Warehouse solution provided as a service

  • real-time inventory recording
  • secure data storage in state-of-the-art data centers
  • without worries about maintenance and operation of ICT infrastructure

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Find out how to put LOKiA WMS into operation in your company

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