Payment by Roger: cash for invoices immediately

Payment by Roger is a service that enables easy and efficient financing of current business needs. Unlike bank factoring, it allows to optimize the level and time of financing. Thanks to use of EDI, it works with original electronic documents, which removes the burden of vast amounts of paper administration. The entire financing process is extremely fast, reliable and easy.

How to get cash for invoices immediately

What are the benefits of Payment by Roger? 

How Payment by Roger works 

In ORiON EDI select one or more business transactions, where you need to obtain financial means before maturity of a relevant invoice.  With one click, initiate payment of a receivable. Subsequently, the receivable will be paid, funded through a so-called investment auction. With help of the Platební instituce Roger, a.s., we will identify an investor who offers the lowest interest for financing of the receivable. 

Within 3 days of requesting the Payment by Roger, you will be receive 75% of the receivable’s value.

The remaining 25% will be received after payment by a customer.

Platform ORiON® takes care of issuing, transfer, electronic signature and reliable archiving of related documents. Information about the status of a business transaction and its final resolution can be clearly viewed directly in the application ORiON.

Fast, flexible and easy financing 

Unlike factoring, Payment by Roger does not include any monthly fee for the payment of receivables; and related administration is reduced to a minimum. Original documents of a business transaction are consistently processed and reliably archived in electronic format in the platform ORiON, which you are already using for EDI communication. Service activation for free. No extra payments normally expected with banks. 

Do you want to find out more about Payment by Roger? 

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