Warehouse solution LOKIA WMS is the finalist of IT Product of 2019

7. February 2019

At this year’s prestigious competition IT Product of the Year, the warehouse solution LOKIA WMS, developed by CCV Information systems has become one of the finalists. The quality and reliability of this solution is thus not only appreciated by its users, who have improved their warehouse processes thanks to it, but have also been recognized by the professional committee at Computerworld magazine of IDG publishing house that organizes this competition. LOKIA WMS has been nominated for the best enterprise solution in the online services category.

13th IT Product of the Year will take place this year. It is announced in order to highlight products and services that possess characteristics that are significantly different from competing products and services in the same category. The criterion here can be both functional improvements as well as the overall innovative concept of the product. The price of the product is also taken into consideration compared to its benefits to clients

LOKIA WMS was proposed already in the preliminary round of the competition, which it transformed into a successful nomination. The absolute winner from among the finalists will be announced in November this year.

LOKIA WMS is a warehouse system which businesses and manufacturing companies use to manage their warehouse processes. It is one of the first warehouse solutions provided as a service (SaaS). Thanks to that, the implementation of this solution is very easy and it is possible to put it into operation in one day. The advantage of cloud solution is also the constant timeliness of the system. „Customers do not have to bother with software updates that would take long. We take care of everything and keep the system up-to-date,“ explains Tomáš Kormaňák, Product Manager of LOKIA WMS. On top of that, the entire system is modular, its base platform can be expanded with a range of add-on modules thanks to which customers tailor it exactly to their requirements. „Currently, we are offering more than thirty modules, from which customers can choose,“ adds Kormaňák.

All of these features have been also taken into consideration by the professional committee of Computerworld magazine that made a decision to advance LOKIA WMS product among the finalists of IT Product of 2019.

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