Use the mirror of social networks for your business

7. April 2015

Microsoft Social Engagement is the first comprehensive tool for monitoring of social networks that is affordable for not only large, but also medium and small businesses. Under the new name, the service replaces the previous Microsoft Social Listening. 

The solution has a newly redesigned user interface, but most importantly, a wider set of options.  It is now also possible to assign responses based on a specific status or post and to generate native reactions to separate content threads on social networks.

Do you know what customers say about your products or services, for example on Facebook?

If you want to improve your relationships with current and potential customers, now there is a unique opportunity to obtain their suggestions and opinions directly from social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and more than a thousand other sources.

With the help of Microsoft Social Engagement you will not only know who, where and how customers are talking about you, but you will also get a chance to provide a timely response and therefore influence opinions of your customers and their friends.  You will be able to better monitor social activity of experts and their influencers. 



Besides the price, the biggest benefit of the tool is its compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics CRM – either as its constituent component or an add-on module. CCV Information systems offers a truly comprehensive customer service, including training and technical support.

Did you lose yet another customer because of blindness towards social networks? 

  • How Microsoft Social Engagement works

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