GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number)

GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) is a unique and internationally recognized product identifier. The abbreviation GTIN (formerly EAN) represents a globally unique number for business items. If a GTIN code is available, it is listed next to a bar code on a product packaging, on a book cover, and so on. Originally, GTIN was known as EAN, because it is originally a European system where at first, its global spread took place. Currently, it is coordinated by a Brussels-based organisation GS1 (formerly EAN International). An organisation UCC (Uniform Code Council), operating in Northern America (today GS1 US and GS1 Canada), has become a member of GS1, too, operating in Northern America (today GS1 US and GS1 Canada). GTIN identifier is, thus, used globally.

A system of identifiers is then used worldwide for the communication standard of electronic document interchange EDI.