GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network)

GDSN – enables business partners (purchasers and suppliers) to globally synchronize product master data. As for the purchaser, he needs the master data for listing new business items, whereas the supplier uses GDSN to insert data for all registered purchasers at the same time and by doing so saves himself a lot of time when it comes to listing a large number of different cards and product portals of individual purchasers.

The supplier can insert master data about his products into GDSN and publish them to a select market, for example only to the Czech Republic or a specific purchaser. In the GDSN network, the data is saved in a standardized format and the purchasers connected to GDSN can download the master data which have been approved by the supplier into their systems.

Thanks to standards in electronic data communication– EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) , it is possible to automate the sharing of structured data between business partners in the form of pre-agreed messages. These messages can be exchanged directly between indivual information systems irrespective of the hardware and software used or via a provider of  EDI services (EDI provider).