René Kajak does not need to worry about his company’s data

10. May 2016

How to securely back up so that it makes sense? If you’re also thinking about how to solve a backup of the data in your company, just like René Kajak in the video, you can make use of a cloud storage Azure Backup.

Based on a proven technology, it offers an easy, incremental backup, guaranteed availability of 99.9 % and a high level of security, owing to the encryption of stored and transmitted data.

The solution is offered in the form of service and you pay only for what you use. Azure Backup service has zero initial costs (and no fees for cancelling the service). The money saved on your own storage and its management can be thus invested back into your company. You can have a backup of your servers, files or Windows clients located in three different locations within any datacentre in the world.

Take a look at the video how to back up with Azure Backup:

Microsoft Azure

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