Problems that a survey among manufacturing companies revealed will be coped with by systems for warehouse management

23. October 2016

Wrong or incomplete recording of material and goods in production, confusions during their picking or significant inefficiency of storekeepers when manipulating with materials or goods. These are the most frequent problems that emerged from a qualitative survey among representatives of companies from fields of engineering and plastics industry. All these and many other troubles, they all have a simple solution in the form of deployment of a solution of a system for warehouse management.

Results of the survey

The most serious problems of engineering and plastics industry manufacturing firms, that the survey has brought, directly affect three quarters of them. Precisely this large number of company representatives complained during depth interviews about erroneous or even completely missing recording of material or goods in production. The same number of companies is then troubled by confusions of material or goods in production. Almost two thirds of respondents then declared troubles with inefficiency of storekeepers, who don't know exactly where which material or goods is located in the warehouse and spend an undue amount of time searching for it.

Time demands and the associated costs, however, represent a problem also in giving instructions to manipulators and storekeepers. This agenda is not adequately solved by a full 50 % of companies. Then, one quarter of them hasn't ensured the substitutability of warehouse employees who for successfully managing their activities must inevitably know “their” warehouse and the materials and goods located there. Simultaneously, they are troubled in an equally significant number by a laborious recording of release of material and insufficient overview of activities of operators, manipulators or storekeepers.

And solving all these problems at once is, however, so easy through a warehouse WMS solution CCV Warehouse management where the paperless system manages 100 % of all warehouse operations and ensures instructions and navigation of warehouse employees in real time.

Another good option, how to quickly ensure order in a warehouse, is a solution CCV Instant Stock. It is being provided in the form of service and besides other things, it brings a perfect on-line overview of the inventory levels and movements of stored material or goods in a warehouse with a clear graphical display. It will also speed up the warehouse processes, make them more transparent and streamline them. The logical consequence is then a clear warehouse management.

Research methodology

The qualitative research took place during May to July in companies from the area of engineering and plastic industry with an annual turnover up to 499 mil. CZK and less than 200 employees. These were depth interviews with managers of logistics, purchase, sales, production or with the owners of the analyzed companies themselves. The interviews were conducted on the basis of a prearranged structure that focused on individual warehouse and manufacturing processes, occurring during the company operation.

After the depth interviews, an observation of individual activities in real operation followed;, through a detailed analysis, thus, went individual warehouses – in all cases the biggest one was the warehouse of metallurgical material. Detailed examination of production followed, eventually of other manufacturing departments which are necessary for the realization of the final product. Naturally, expedition and its preceding activities connected with packaging or control of final products were among the observed parts, too.

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