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WMS to support warehouse management of finished and semi-finished products in the company SEPOS

1. June 2015

25th May 2015, Brno – SEPOS, a company with purely Czech equity, and the leading seller of doors and door frames as well as one of the leading manufacturers of custom door frames in the Czech Republic, initiated a process of implementing a new WMS system for its warehouse of finished and semi-finished products in Jihlava – Horní Kosovo. To support them in this effort, the company opted for the CCV Warehouse management from CCV Information systems. Amongst the main benefits of the project are an overview of the status and processing of individual warehouse operations and their optimization, accurate inventory records, including the exact location of the goods or an overview of realization of individual orders.

More efficient management and immediate overview

Deployment of the new WMS (Warehouse Management System) will allow complete elimination of paper documents from the whole process of managing warehouse operations and bring a range of other benefits. Users of the CCV Warehouse management solution will also have a range of key data available in real time – such as the current status of any operation or information about quantity of the product in the warhouse and its location. A logical consequence of optimizing all warehouse operations is an increase in their numbers per employee, or unit of time, and hence an increase in the efficiency of the entire warehouse. CCV Warehouse also provides data for evaluating the effectiveness of individual processes as well as motivational support for individual employees in the warehouse. The aim of the new solution is also to eliminate the human error factor when receiving or delivering goods, which may result in inaccurately prepared and dispatched orders.

Solutions for dynamic development

In accordance with current high customer needs, the system operates with a very wide range of goods, amounting to 300 and up to 400 thousand items in the stock item list. The stored assortment in the warehouse represents tens of thousands of doors and door frames, but also fittings, coats, locks, material used for manufacturing and for alteration, packaging, consumer material, and more. In addition to the central warehouse in Jihlava, SEPOS also has 17 more warehouses, which serve partly as sales centres, located all over the Czech Republic. ‘Our company has recently experienced strong growth, to which we had to respond not only by increasing the production capacity but also by strengthening the capacity of storage in order to decrease delivery times. Deployment of CCV Warehouse is thus one of a series of measures that will help us not only to manage the growth, but also to increase the quality for customer satisfaction,’ says Mgr. Lumír Kozubík, the CEO of SEPOS. 

‘Deployment of WMS solution was preceded by a thorough analysis of warehouse operations, inventory and space, and as such is fully tailored to the specific needs of the customer. Also for this reason, it is can be expected that the benefits of the new system will almost immediately translate into higher efficiency of logistics processes. Additionally, the system will allow a better overview of the current status of specific orders, which will also please SEPOS customers.’ says Ing. Vladimír Teplý, the architect of CCV Warehouse management from CCV Information systems. A constituent part of the warehouse solution in also its integration with the existing company information system Vision32.  

Custom solution implementation started in May 2015, the launch into full operation is expected in the third quarter of this year.


Company SEPOS from Jihlava is the leading distributor of doors and door frames in the Czech Republic. During its more than twenty years on the Czech market, the company has built a stable enterprise, which constantly develops and grows. SEPOS has 130 employees and is a long-term financially healthy company with purely Czech capital. The company owns production and warehouse premises, which is constantly expanding and modernizing; it also has a chain of its own stores all over the Czech Republic. Producing more than hundred thousand of door frames per year, the company represents one of the most prominent Czech producers. Roughly one tenth of the total volume of the company’s products is exported, mainly to the countries of South Eastern Europe – Hungary, Romania and the former Yugoslavia.


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