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Waiting time for small businesses is over. Grit launches new version of warehouse system Lokia WMS

18. June 2019

18th June 2019, Brno – Clearer overview of warehouse, stocktaking during full operation or optimization of routes of warehouse workers – these are just some of the benefits of warehouse systems. In order for even the smallest companies to be able to afford them, Grit launches a new version of its service Lokia WMS, which is specifically designed for small warehouses.

This full-fledged warehouse system is a suitable solution for start-ups and smaller companies, growing e-shops or secondary warehouses of larger companies. It offers to businesses much more functionality than applications for barcode readers. „For example, during a business meeting you can directly place a picking order for the ordered goods on your mobile. The message will arrive immediately into your warehouse and any of the workers will take a barcode reader and prepare the order. Thanks to the service Lokia WMS, you are 100% sure that your colleagues have despatched the right goods very quickly,“ stated Tomáš Kormaňák, Product Manager of Lokia WMS.

The implementation of the version for small companies only costs 45,000 crowns, which is significantly less than other warehouse systems. Lokia WMS then works as a cloud service – companies pay a monthly fee.

In the version for small companies, customers will find all the features they need to run the managed warehouse smoothly. „With Lokia WMS, they can, for example, manage and record barcodes, generate labels for printing, follow the chosen FEFO or FIFO strategy, maintain a balance between the inventory in warehouse and the inventory in accounting, ensure communication using EDI and much more,“  said Kormaňák. If customers’ warehouses grow over time and they need additional features, they will simply expand the service.

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