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TZ – Motorola Solutions and CCV Information systems present a comprehensive solution for warehouse operations’ logistics

23. May 2012

PRAGUE, 4th April 2012 – Motorola Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of communication technologies, indispensable for task completion in a variety of sectors including public administration, has concluded a contract concerning close local cooperation with CCV Information systems, a WMS and EDI solutions for electronic data interchange provider, with purely Czech equity. The cooperation ensures not only authorization of CCV Information systems between ISV partners of Motorola Solutions, but also an exclusive supply of Motorola terminals for on-line warehouse logistics management.

“Cooperation with CCV Information systems is of utmost importance to us, as it provides our customers with advanced warehouse management systems that boasts tens of satisfied references in the sectors of building material retail, foodstuffs production and consumer goods, adapted to local logistics needs. In combination with Motorola Solutions’ terminals we have created a comprehensive solution for warehouse management supported by a global producer and an experienced local partner. We are hoping that our cooperation will strengthen the supply of sector-specific solutions on this market.” Says Kateřina Klosová, Channel Account Manager, Motorola Solutions.

The companies’ cooperation is aimed at providing a comprehensive solution for warehouse management in an on-line mode. That is both at the location of the logistics centre and at more remote locations, to which we supply exclusively wireless terminals Motorola ensures the automatic radio-frequency identification during all warehouse operations. The terminals communicate through a wireless infrastructure on the basis of a regulated WiFi network. The software end of the solution is ensured by the logistics system – CCV warehouse management – a professional solution for warehouse management – with the ability to record and manage all warehouse, stocking and dispatching processes in real time. The solution makes use of Microsoft Dynamics technology and is implementable regardless of the company’s ERP system. Every realized warehouse operation is immediately transferred from the terminal into the information system through the application server.

CCV Warehouse management represents a unified on-line WMS solution, capable of covering and managing all warehouse operations. The operations include: delivery, stocking, destocking, drawbacks, partial or complete inventory and stock count of the warehouse, optimization of stocking capacity, supplementing dispatching zone, internal relocation, supply or cargo checks. The warehouse map thus represents its up-to-date state at any given moment. Relevant data is transferred wirelessly via Motorola terminals at the very location in the warehouse, and immediately recorded into the system. For example at time of goods’ delivery, based on the information regarding free space in the warehouse available in the system, the staffer is directed to a precise location in the warehouse to stock the delivered goods. The reversed process is then in operation at times of dispatching, when the staffer receives information on their Motorola terminal regarding the location of the required goods in the warehouse. There are different models of the terminal to allow for scanning bar-codes manually or from a forklift truck from a distance.

The main advantages of the supplied solution include higher speed of warehouse operations, improved productivity, increased warehouse capacity, higher goods turnover, reducing staff errors, complete on-line overview of all running warehouse operations, automatic warehouse location generation for different warehouse operations and reduction in transport costs.

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About Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions is a leading provider of innovative communication solutions and services, required for task completion both in the private and the public sectors, all over the world. Thanks to their high-tech communication technologies they remain the global leader, which allows their customers to excel at times that matter. Motorola Solutions is traded also on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock symbol of MSI. For more information, go to If you are interested in receiving our newsletter regularly, please visit our media centre or subscribe here.

About CCV Information Systems

Our company has been active on the market since 1992 and represents a leading domestic provider of WMS systems and the leading provider of EDI communication services. Our headquarters are in Brno (CCV Business Solutions division) and branch offices in Brno (CCV eGovernment division), v Opava (CCV eBusiness division) and Kysucké Nové Mesto (CCV Slovakia). We provide comprehensive business information systems solutions (Microsoft Dynamics) and other software application for selected industry sectors. We specialize in providing Electronic data interchange solutions (EDI Orion solution) and develop specialized solutions (such as registries or portals) for public administration.

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