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TZ – Impress others with your knowledge of wine thanks to the Wine Hero smartphone app

27. May 2013

Brno, 24 May 2013 – A brand new mobile app Wine Hero provides a detailed catalogue of 50 most well-known wine varieties and tens of different meal pairings for those varieties. With the help of this app, developed by top sommeliers, you will never again choose the wrong wine variety to accompany a meal, the wrong glass to serve it in, or even an inappropriate serving temperature. The Wine Hero app has also an interesting game functionality, which allows the user to test their knowledge of wine.

CCV Information systems in cooperation with the Wine Institute has previously developed a successful app Globus Sommelier, which has been downloaded more than 8 thousand times since its introduction half a year ago, and which is currently being extended to the Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms. Two app premieres had been prepared by the Wine Institute in cooperation with CCV Information systems for the VINEX fair in Brno, which also saw their launch ceremony.

5 levels of knowledge

Wine Hero is a smart app you can keep in your pocket, which provides information beyond the ideal food and wine pairings. It also offers the user to gain 5 levels of knowledge in a fun quiz game, which allows you to test and practice your knowledge of wine varieties and their serving that you develop using this app. Individual levels are focused on the following areas:

  1. colours and wine varieties
  2. serving and wine service
  3. the origin of the most well-known varieties
  4. flavour and aroma of wine 
  5. wine pairings

Become a Wine Hero

If you manage to gain stars in all levels, you can become a real ‘five-star’ Wine Hero. The game quiz can be shared via the app itself and on social networks with your friends. ‘The Wine Hero app will please anyone who enjoys wine. In an attractive animated interface, the app delivers a wide range of information about the best-known varieties of wine and it is only up to the individual user, whether they wish to become a real wine expert’ recommends the app Ivo Dvořák, vice-president of the Czech Association of Sommeliers.  ‘Not only will the app bring joy to the users, but it will also allow them to impress their friends, amaze their partners and surprise another expert. The right choice of wine and proper pairing leads to a greater, more enjoyable dining experience’ adds the sommelier world champion and 11 times Czech sommelier championship winner.
Anyone can become a Wine Hero. A practical illustration of the knowledge you can get with the help of this app can be found in this video.

The smartphone app Wine Hero aims to provide all interested with an attractive and fun space to gain such knowledge of wine, its serving and pairings that it becomes possible to maximally enjoy every wine drinking occasion, but mainly keep coming back to popular pairings often. Wine Hero is available for smartphones with Android (Google play), and iOS (App Store). Besides English, the app is available in Czech, German, Spanish and Russian.

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