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TZ – Česká spořitelna and CCV Information systems – two leading providers of electronic invoicing consolidation – announce their cooperation

6. June 2012

Brno, 1st August 2012 – The services of Orion consolidation centre, provided by CCV Information systems, have been expanded by the possibility of roaming connection with the @FAKTURA 24 service, provided by Česká spořitelna. As of August, business subscribers of the @FAKTURA 24 service are thus able to send their invoices electronically in a structured form to their trading partners via the Orion consolidation centre. Both partners are the leading providers of secure interchange of electronic invoices, which benefit businesses and institutions by saving their time and expenses as compared to traditional processing of invoices in paper.

The e-invoicing providers’ cooperation contract represents their commitment to clients

Česká spořitelna was the first bank on the market to provide electronic invoicing services. Currently, it is still the only bank that offers the service of e-invoice interchange to business clientele, based on the consolidation principle. In practice this means that the supplier issues the invoice in their native data format via the @FAKTURA 24 service, which then transcribes it to the format required by the customer and delivers it. Since the start of the @FAKTURA 24 service in 2008, Česká spořitelna has processed more than 500 thousand transactions.

The services of the Orion consolidation centre for electronic documentation interchange, provided by CCV Information systems, is currently used by more than a thousand business customers and their trading partners. Every month Orion delivers more than 2 million structured messages and documents. This is achieved by interconnection, guaranteed in mutual contracts between the so-called VAN operators (Value Added Network), i.e. providers of value-added transmission networks.

CCV Information systems therefore continues to expand the portfolio of its long-term transmission contracts with VAN services providers, mostly for cross-border transmission. “The advantage of using a foreign or sector-oriented consolidation system is its expert adaptation to differing legislative regulations and the requirements demanded by all trading parties, which can vary significantly despite the existing global norms, especially across different industry sectors” says David Reichel, head of the e-business division at CCV Information systems.

The point of transmission contracts (between so-called ‘roaming’ operators) is to realize the providers’ commitments to their clients, whose information systems can thus use a single interface for electronic invoice interchange with their providers and invoicing to the rest of their trading partners.

Integrated interface and data format conversion

The benefits offered by the solution are not limited to the lower expenses related to servicing a single electronic documentation interface, however. Its users are also able to benefit from secure delivery of their tax receipts, supported by check mechanisms that provide the required guarantee of their delivery. The other important benefits include transcription of the data structures and types (aka ‘conversion’), servicing relevant transcription templates for individual partners, trustworthy invoice archiving and making all communication more secure.

The VAN operators function in compliance with the recommendations of the European Commission that supports the use of an open ecosystem for electronic documentation interchange, in other words guaranteeing mutual interoperability for interchange of electronic invoices. “It is a similar procedure to the one in use by telephone operators, when you do not require a contract with another network provider for calling a number registered in that network. This functional principle ensures there are no extra one-off or operating costs of such connection. The customer thus uses one interface, covers implementation costs of a single connection, and the other service costs related to electronic invoicing, such as data structure and format conversion are covered by the provider of the service.” explains  David Reichel.

Energy suppliers’ invoices to consumer cooperatives now delivered electronically

The cooperation between CCV Information systems and Česká spořitelna is unique in its strong coverage of profiled customers’ segments of both of the consolidators. On one hand their combined portfolio contains energy suppliers as issuers of invoices and on the other it also covers retail companies and chains such as FMCG and their customers. CCV Information systems provides e-invoicing as a service to companies such as Accace, Alimpex Food, Assa Abloy, Bochemie, CBA Cooperative, Globus, Hamé, Henkel, Globus, Nestlé, OBI, Plzeňský Prazdroj, Schneider Electric, Tempo OD or Walmark. All of the above-mentioned companies can now receive electronic invoices via the @FAKTURA 24 service from energy suppliers such as ČEZ, RWE, E.ON, Pragoplyn or SmVaK Ostrava. The pilot operation of structured electronic invoicing has been first tested between E.ON, on the energy supplier side, and Jednota Boskovice, Jednota Hodonín and other cooperatives of the COOP Morava group, on the other.

“We see our partnership with CCV Information systems as a step towards a more open setting for the interchange of electronic invoices in the Czech Republic. We want to offer all our clients the possibility of cooperation and lower their expenses related to the invoicing process. Our aim is to connect all available solutions of electronic invoicing both on the domestic and international level.” says Jan Jeřábek, head of the Corporate Cash Management and Sales support department at Česká spořitelna.


About CCV Information systems

CCV Information systems has been active on the market since 1992 and belongs to the important players in the sector of information systems provision, on the domestic scene. Our headquarters can be found in Brno (CCV Business Solutions divisions) and we have branch offices in Brno (CCV eGovernment division), in Opava (CCV eBusiness division) and in Kysucké Nové Mesto (CCV Slovakia). We provide comprehensive solutions in developing, consultancy and implementation of business information systems (Microsoft Dynamics) and other software applications for selected sectors of industry. We specialize in developing solutions for electronic data interchange (EDI Orion solution), which ensures paperless interchange of business documentation. We also develop specialized solutions (registries, portals) for the state administration. CCV Information systems is a holder of the ISO 9001:2009 quality system certificate, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and an Oracle Gold Partner.

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