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PR EDI Orion helps with the sale of milk popular patees, crisps or traditional beer

29th January 2009 – CCV Information systems has recorded an increased activity in the demand for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions for the foodstuffs industry. You can now find companies such as Hamé, Intersnack, Lactalis or Brewery Trade amongst the clientele of our EDI Orion® solution. The use of EDI communication in the foodstuffs industry has been steadily increasing, according to the data collected by ČSÚ – the technology of electronic exchange of documentation is now in operation in more than 20% of all foodstuffs producers with more than 10 employees.

EDI communication is now fully operational on the platform of EDI Orion solution in the Hamé, a prominent Czech producer of processed and refrigerated foodstuffs. "paperless exchange of documentation is not only ecologically desirable, so-called green technology, but above all a useful time and resources saving tool. In the past we had been using an EDI solution from a different provider and we had to convert messages on our server, capacity of which was not large enough to deal with such amount of data efficiently." describes the reasons for the change of EDI provider Marcela Mitáčková, marketing manager of Hamé. "The company was thus faced with the question, whether to invest into expanding the original hardware infrastructure or to outsource the service entirely." adds Marcela Mitáčková. The chosen EDI Orion solution has resolved this dilemma. "The documentation conversion is run solely on the CCV's hardware, which has lowered the system and human resource requirements of the customer," describes the advatages of EDI Orion David Reichel, manager of the CCV Information systems eBusiness section. Another pleasing "added value" for Hamé was the price of the service. "In the end we pay less for the fully operational EDI solution than we have been paying hitherto," says Marcela Mitáčková. Hamé is a foodstuffs producer with the widest range of patees, ready meals, tinned meat and vegetables, vegetable and fruit salads, ketchups, sauces, jams, compotes as well as Pablums called Hamánek for example, on the Czech market.

One of the noticalble projects of EDI communication implementation is undoubtedly the solution for the Intersnack company, the leading producer of crisps, pastry, nuts and pop corn under four different trading marks  Bohemia, Chio, Wolf and Pom-Bär. Having succesfully implemented the solution five months ago, we now proceed to further expansion of the EDI communication.

Another interesting project is the solution for Brewery Trade. A group of breweries that is also the majority shareholder in traditional, historical breweries Platan, Svijany, Lobkowicz, Ježek, Klášter, Rychtář or Janáček. This solution is in terms of functionality and capability comparable with the long-established Orion customer, brewery Bernard.

Amongst other foodstuffs producers it is also interesting to mention connection of a French dairy company Lactalis, a company that has recently acquired Mlékárny Kunín (Kunin Dairies), which has been using EDI Orion in the past.

The use of technology in the foodstuffs industry

According to the data collected by ČSÚ in 2008, electronic data interchange was used in 19.7% of supplier-customer relations amogst companies with more than 10 employees on the Czech market. If the trend of growth persists it is possible to predict for this figure to get above the 20% boundary in 2009. Overall electronic data interchange is now transferring documentation in 29,1% of all companies i.e. 4% less than the EU27 average. On the Czech market, the technology is dominant mainly amongst trading companies (40,3%) but also financial institutions, which however have been using different proprietary ("diiferent agreed") standards of communication.

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