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PR CCV Information systems has become the 42nd member of SPIS

13th January 2009, CCV Information systems has become the 42nd member of SPIS
CCV Information systems has become the newest member of the Association for Information Society (Czech acronym – SPIS). Its application has been discussed and agreed by the SPIS committee. On joining CCV Information systems has also agreed to comply with the codex of Moral conduct of an eGovernment supplier.

CCV Information systems is entering the SPIS association as its 42nd member subject. This professionals' organization which represents the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry of the Czech Republic has been originally established by 20 companies and institutions. CCV has become one of the last companies to join the association based on the original admission criteria. This means that the annual turnover of the newly accessing member must be over 50 million CZK (approximately 2 million Euro) as the executive committee of SPIS has decided to abolish this minimal turnover requirement as a criterion for admission, after the 10 years of its existence. "At this moment, even smaller companies can therefore join, effectively participate in the carrying out of the SPIS goals, which are mainly: to significantly contribute to the development of Czech economy and construct innovative and professional society, " says Jiří Polák, president of the SPIS.

CCV Information systems has at the same time signed up to the principles of fair play in business practices fo Codex of Moral conduct of a eGovernment supplier. It represents a summary of ten presumptions, which should serve as a recommendation and moral or social guide when formulating relevant legal and other regulations. It is also possible to use it as a starting point of clear and comprehensible analysis of other legal norm propositions and bills.

"We develop and provide software that we customize according to the requirements of a given legislature as a maximally configurable and open solutions. We utilize service orientated architechture (SOA) of the solution for web services and it is fully subjectible to the loyal and open approach to our partners, with whom we have developed a palette of very unique solutions in the past, which sucessfully contribute to more effective communication between the citizen and the state administration. That is why we find the principles of fair play affirmed by the decleration of Moral conduct very relevant," adds František Bezděk, the executive manager of CCV Information systems.

About the Association for Information Society (SPIS)

The Association for Information Society (SPIS) is a professionals' association of companies from the domain information and communication technologies, whose aim is to enforce the development of knowledge of the society of the Czech Republic. SPIS was established in 1998 and it took the legal form of a civic association as of the law number 83/1990 Sb. SPIS is a member of the European association EICTA. SPIS advocates effective use of ICT in all spheres of the civic and professional life in the Czech Republic, as it regards it the necessary condition for the transformation of society to one based on knowledge and innovation. >The association promotes modern information technologies as a basic tool for constructing effective state administration and improving the comparative advantage of the Czech economy. In the course of the ten years of existence of the SPIS association, it has published a range of documents, appeals and manifastations, which were able to gain the support of both important commercial and state subjects and thus fulfil their aim.

Information about CCV Information systems:

CCV Information systems has been steadily regarded as one of the prominent companies in the domain of information systems and information technologies on the Czech market. It was established in 1992  with its headquarters in Brno and branch offices in  Brno (section eGovernment) and Poava (section e-Business).
CCV Information systems has three company sections devided by their main sphere of activity:

  • Business Solutions – the most prominent products are CCV Building Materials Trader and CCV Warehouse management based on the company information system Microsoft Dynamics NAV,
  • e-Business – comprehensive solution EDI ORION® – provision of electronic data interchange services and paperless communication
  • e-Government – development and supply of specialized internet solutions for state administration on the Oracle platform.

CCV Informtion systems maintains the certificate according to the quality standard set by ISO 9001:2001, and is a partner of the Microsoft company with the title Microsoft Gold Certified Partner as well as the title Oracle Valued Member Partner.

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