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Parfümerie Douglas bets on automated processing of received invoices

14. February 2019

14th February, 2019 – The retail chain of perfumeries Douglas automates vendor invoice receipt using the solution Orion Invoice Flow which processes 99% of invoices by machine. Their format does not really matter. The document can arrive by post, by email as a PDF or as structured electronic data. This eliminates not only inefficient manual rewriting of received invoices but also brings faster and more clear approval and disposal of documents up to the transfer into accounting system and paperless archiving.

Parfümerie Douglas is the European leader in its field. They have more than 2500 perfumeries at home and abroad. According to market surveys, the chain is perceived by customers as the best perfumery on the Czech market when it comes to the quality of sortiment. Parfümerie Douglas also bets on quality when it comes to internal processes, that’s why it has decided to deploy the solution Orion Invoice Flow for the entire process of receiving and processing invoices.

80% decrease in administrative workload with invoice receipt

The impetus for the introduction of received invoice automation was an internal analysis, which revealed that the process of processing received documents was one of the most laborious. The deployment of the new system saved 80% of workload with the receipt of documents by automating processing from mailbox, extracting data from invoices and automated loading of 99% of received invoices directly into the accounting system.

„We have already had good experience with using Orion EDI for electronic document interchange in structured data with issued invoices. The main motive for choosing Orion Invoice Flow was the fact that it covers the whole process of processing received invoices reliably. At first, there were some worries about how we would handle the change but after the first 14 days, the key users were enthusiastic about the savings of work,“ says Milan Švihla, IT Manager at Parfümerie Douglas.

Another benefit was the acceleration of the approval process over several days as it reliably allows direct approval and faster and more accurate document flow according to the roles of approvers. Previously, the handing over of invoices and related documents was stalled because a similar tool was missing in the company.

Parfümerie Douglas uses the central enterprise system SAP from the German headquarters while using external accounting firms with their economic systems for the Czech and Slovak environment. The automatically extracted data through Orion Invoice Flow are transmitted directly to the accounting systems upon approval. The integration also ensures the transmission of the internal number and the invoice number that the document has in the accounting system. Users can use a hyperlink in the accounting system to view the document or use searching for it according to the internal number and various parameters.

The number of queries about documents was eliminated tenfold

Previously, the financial department lacked information about the size of payables in the approval process. In fact, the paper document approval process practically did not allow to keep track of where the invoice was, which generated unnecessary problems with maturity and tension in the relationship with suppliers. In the past, this often meant unnecessary additional communication with suppliers or within the company but with Orion Invoice Flow, the number of queries about documents has dropped to one tenth and payments of received invoices have been sped up by approximately 75%.

„At least 40 employees from store managers and other managers to administrative and accounting workers in the domestic branch are involved in the process of processing invoices. In addition, international invoices are specific. If paper documents had laid on someone’s table, it was difficult to maintain order and maturity timeliness. When Orion Invoice Flow was deployed, the communication with suppliers and within the company over invoices has been reduced multiple times, saving great amount of previously spent energy,“ adds Švihla.

The additional benefit of introducing Orion Invoice Flow is also the simple traceability of invoices and the strengthening of the audit trail of tax documents by linking them to their attachments. Users most often attach delivery notes or service schedules to invoices. „We are also launching electronic orders to enable fully automatic pairing of documents for machine liquidation of documents,“ reveals Milan Švihla.

The Orion Invoice Flow technology service is exceptional in that it automates the processing of invoices in various formats without the need for an operator. „The service unifies all the necessary tools so that users can take full advantage of the benefits of digitizing accounting, always in compliance with the legislation and regardless of document formats,“ says David Reichel, Head of CCV eBusiness Division.

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