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OBI Czech Republic notifies its suppliers of invoice settlements electronically

13. March 2013

Brno, 5 March 2013 – A new interesting option has recently arisen for suppliers of OBI Czech Republic. All they have to do to benefit from it is simply to accept OBI’s proposal for expanding their mutual EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) communication by adding a new message type: REMADV – payment notification. The suppliers can thus gain access to immediate information about payment transfer initiation from OBI Czech Republic, which will save them time searching for and pairing payments with individual invoices. The EDI communication solution at OBI Czech Republic is provided by CCV Information systems.

The implementation of the REMADV message at OBI Czech Republic represents a logical continuation of successful use of EDI messages ORDERS (orders), INVOIC (invoice) and DESADV (bill of delivery). The supplier thus receives an important piece of information about the initiation of the payment transfer, though the REMADV message can also be used to notify the supplier of a lump-sum payment, which covers multiple invoices. The actual message contains the information about which individual invoices have been paid for. The receiver of the message can further process it to separate the lump-sum payment in their bank statement and pair individual payments with invoices.

The 6 years of experience with EDI communication and the reasons for implementing the REMADV message have been summarized by Stefan Jass, IT manager at OBI Czech Republic, in charge of the coordination and management of EDI projects at OBI: “Electronic data interchange has been very beneficial to our business, which is why we continue to expand our use of it. The new REMADV message can be also described as an electronic notification about initiating a payment transfer that our suppliers can use to automatically pair our payments with their invoices. This facilitates general orientation and processing of settled payments.”

OBI Czech Republic has already connected with most of its suppliers via EDI and it can be therefore expected that they will also demand expanding their mutual communication by implementing the REMADV message. “I am pleased that the use of EDI communication continues to expand at OBI, evidencing its invaluable contribution to the business. In the case of the REMADV message, I expect that many companies, and especially those that frequently issue lump-sum payments, will follow OBI’s suite.” said David Reichel, head of the eBusiness division at CCV Information systems and he adds:  “Any potential problems with automatic processing of the message at the suppliers’ side is precluded by the fact that the message is simultaneously available in a legible PDF form.”


CCV Information systems has been active on the market since 1992. Our HQ is situated in Brno (CCV Business Solutions division) and our branch offices are in Brno (CCV eGovernment division), Opava (CCV eBusiness division) and v Kysucké Nové Mesto (CCV Slovakia). We provide comprehensive supplies in development, consultancy and implementation of business information systems (Microsoft Dynamics) and other software applications for selected areas of business. We specialize in solutions for the provision of Electronic data interchange (EDI Orion solution), which ensures paperless circulation of business documentation. We develop specialized solutions (registers, portals) for state administration. CCV Information systems is a holder of the certificate of the system of quality ISO 9001:2009, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a proud bearer of the Oracle Gold Partner title.

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