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Nestlé can automatically process PDF orders using PDF2EDI service

16. August 2017

8th June 2017, Brno – Nestlé, together with its customers, uses electronic data interchange EDI in structured data for their paperless and automatic processing. However, EDI communication is not yet used by all customers. With the help of ORION EDI from CCV Information systems (extended by PDF2EDI service), Nestlé as the first on the Czech market started processing PDF orders from Kaufland automatically, all without the need of manual rewriting into the system. Thus, there has been substantial simplification and refinement of data exchange with one of the most important customers, a chain store Kaufland.

Nestlé receives and sends via EDI communication („Electronic Data Interchange“) hundreds of documents daily, which need to be processed quickly and error-free to ensure business and logistics processes with customers. EDI communication accounts for more than half of all orders and remains the preferred choice of Nestlé for most customers – from retail partners to pharmaceutical wholesalers.

However, Nestlé Czech Republic does not use the solution ORION EDI from CCV Information systems only for exchanging structured data from orders, invoices and other documents. In 2015, the company focused on issued invoices and owing to the project of electronic invoicing, it now archives 100 % of these tax documents electronically with the help of a consolidation centre ORION. At the same time, all forms of issued tax documents (invoice, credit memo, debit note and others) are processed under applicable legislation.

Conversion from PDF to EDI has become the way to savings

The next phase of computerization focused on orders of major customers. Beyond EDI format, Nestlé also collects orders in structured form from its own shopping portal or a mobile app. In total, it now processes electronically 78 % of orders. The remaining one fifth still offers significant room for improvement.

„The goal of the project was automation of processing orders from Kaufland with high reliability. This goal has been unequivocally achieved. After implementing PDF2EDI service, the operator load has decreased by two thirds and we can see in it the potential for connecting other customers,“ says Pavel Golasík, EDI and Customer Service Support in Nestlé Czech Republic.

The EDI provider has suggested for this need a functional solution PDF2EDI for conversion of data from PDF order to EDI message ORDERS. This message can be loaded into the information system SAP with minimum necessary modifications which was also one of the conditions of the project.
CCV Information systems is the only EDI provider on the domestic market that delivers conversion (extraction) of information from e-mail PDF orders to structured data (EDI messages ORDERS). Usage of PDF2EDI service is independent of customer or the enterprise system in use.
„This brings to suppliers the ability to load documents directly into their enterprise system without manual rewriting of data and the associated errors, all by using the existing EDI data framework. Easily and without further extra costs,“ says David Reichel, Director of CCV eBusiness Division.

The cooperation between Nestlé and CCV Information systems itself proceeded smoothly, explains Pavel Golasík: „Similarly as with other projects implemented together with CCV, reliability, flexibility, insight into the requested solution and constructive feedback during the project are highly rated. An important factor was, of course, also acceptable costs and timely delivery of the solution, “ adds Golasík for Nestlé Czech Republic.

How does the conversion of PDF orders work?

Yet the principle is simple. In the email box where customer sends their PDF orders to vendor to, a rule is set which automatically forwards these messages to ORION. It processes the document and based on the extracted data, creates an EDI message ORDERS which it sends to the information system of the vendor as any other EDI order. ORION service even recognises whether it is a standard order or a so-called change order which is processed differently.

The whole system is covered. Should the conversion of data from PDF file fail, operators are notified who can manually edit the order in an ORION application. Ever since the launch of the project (January 2017), this situation has not occurred in Nestlé, though, therefore the reliability of the service is 100%.
A successful project is currently being launched also by Nestlé Slovakia and simultaneously, an analysis on return is taking place that will serve as a foundation for extending services to other customers.

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