Press Releases awarded for the best EDI Project of the year 2014

8. December 2014

Brno, November 25, 2014 – EDI Project of the year, which is an annual competition organised by professional portal rewarding innovative and successful implementation of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), was this year dominated by a company operating the online store MALL.CZ. The main prize was awarded to a project of implementation of electronic communication EDI for a more effective exchange of documents with suppliers, including orders (ORDERS), delivery notification (DESADV) and invoices (INVOIC). Amongst other winners were companies Uni Hobby and Macro Cash & Carry. 

The award of the main prize confirms a new trend that EDI communication is being increasingly used in less penetrated industries, where, until recently, the level of readiness for EDI communication was not so high. Yet, only six months after the start of the project, 50% of documents from suppliers of MALL.CZ has been transferred from paper into electronic format EDI. Owning to using a structured standard, counterparties can exchange commercial and logistical data quickly, flawlessly and automatically, i.e. directly from one enterprise system to another. 

‘The decision to implement EDI was made on the basis of our long-term plans, which we decided to realize with our chosen EDI provider, CCV Information Systems. As e-commerce is developing rapidly and EDI communication with business partners contributes to increasing productivity, we aimed to create such conditions so that the first phase of the project is implemented as quickly as possible. The interim results have met our expectations and therefore we decided to continue working with our partners on further development of EDI’ explains Eduard Míka, one of the owners and the Technology Director of MALL.CZ. 

The second most successful EDI project of 2014 was the introduction of the electronic exchange of commercial and logistics documents with suppliers, which was implemented by Uni Hobby, a Czech chain of hobbymarkets. The prize was awarded for a successful roll-out of more than a hundred participating suppliers to EDI within one month, being the record shortest time. Successful implementation of EDI also reinforces the fact that Uni Hobby is planning its expansion to other EDI messages, such as delivery notification (DESADV) or receipt (RECADV) in order to take full advantage of EDI communications.

Supposed third place in this year of the competition was awarded to Makro Cash & Carry, for advancing the introduction of electronic delivery notes in EDI format, complemented by identification of pallets by labels with SSCC codes. Compared to companies Internet Mall and Uni Hobby, which won for the first time this year, Makro Cash & Carry’s third place followed their victory in the last year of the competition. This demonstrates that the company has been one of the long-term market leaders for introducing EDI communication. 

The awards ceremony for EDI project of the year 2014 took place on 20 November in the common areas of Winery Jedlicka and Novak in Bořetice.

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