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Lokia WMS for managing warehouses brings easy deployment and significant savings in logistics

6. September 2017

6th September 2017, Brno – CCV Information systems is coming with a new software solution for managing warehouses. The novelty is being launched on the market as LOKIA WMS. In particular, it may boast effective management of workers in warehouse or transparent overview of inventory on a graphical map of warehouse. According to customers, the strength lies also in the modularity of the system that ensures easy deployment. LOKIA WMS can handle complex warehouse management flexibly with optional functions that are provided purposefully as a service, according to the needs of the logistics of business and manufacturing companies.

CCV Information systems is one of the leading suppliers of logistics applications and WMS solutions (Warehouse Management System) which it has been providing to its customers for 20 years. It has implemented dozens of tailored warehouse management systems installed on the servers of customers (on-premise). At present, it is coming with a completely new WMS system provided as a service (Software as a Service).

Warehouse software LOKIA WMS manages, records and evaluates warehouse processes. In this way, it increases the productivity of storekeepers while reducing their error rate. The simplicity of the system and a wide range of add-on features for warehouse management facilitate its introduction and usage.
Implementation in 1 day and savings up to 100 thousand CZK monthly
LOKIA WMS is a user-friendly warehouse system that helps to speed up warehouse operations and get overview of the inventory level and location. The warehouse capacity up to the level of warehouse bins can be displayed by users transparently on a graphical map.

The WMS system has a responsive web application available from any web browser and a client for mobile barcode readers with a simple user interface. The solution is built on state-of-the-art Microsoft technologies and uses cloud services of Azure platform.

The service also includes delivery of logistics consultations and related additional services from implementation of barcode readers to integration with enterprise system. The deployment of the system itself takes place within one or two days.

„LOKIA WMS allows to manage complex warehouse processes more easily than other WMS systems or warehouse modules of ERP systems. The benefits to speed up the logistics of processes and to reduce error rate occur immediately. Monthly savings for pilot customers already in the first months after launching the service were in the financial terms 100 thousand crowns,“ explains Tomáš Kormaňák, Product Manager in CCV Information systems.

LOKIA WMS ensured acceleration in storekeepers’ work of more than 40%

One of the pilot customers, who has deployed the system LOKIA WMS, is PEVI, a supplier of workwear and protective equipment. The deployment in PEVI has shortened the picking time of stored goods by 40% while increasing turnover. Moreover, the planned orders are prepared in time and the error rate when picking goods has been reduced by 98%.

„We didn’t want anything complicated. Besides the experience of CCV, the important criterion for the selection was mainly the modularity of the WMS system. We have chosen the functions that we need and we could deploy the managed warehouse quickly. It gave us virtually immediately a detailed overview of the order in the warehouse or the warehouse movements. That allows to optimize the routes of storekeepers and correctly manage priorities when manipulating with goods which has led to a significant acceleration in the work in the warehouse. With the introduction of the warehouse software LOKIA, we are able to react to the needs of customers more quickly,“ evaluates Petr Vinduška, Project Manager at PEVI.

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