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ISAN Radiátory serves its customers better by deploying a CRM system

25. May 2018

25th May 2018, Brno – ISAN Radiátory, a producer of bathroom and designer heaters in Czech Republic, has deployed a CRM system Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the aim to improve the quality of customer care. The chosen solution from CCV Information systems will be, besides a more effective work of sales, of a great benefit to the technical control department as well.

The ISAN brand of the Czech producer of heaters with more than 60 years of tradition is known by almost everybody on the local market. By focusing on customer satisfaction by meeting high requirements on quality, product design and after-sales service, it is being promoted at foreign markets as well, where it exports more than 80% of its production. The product portfolio is much wide and differentiated and puts increasing demands on the recording and control of processed data. The most complicated is management of data when offering atypical heaters, i.e. effective alignment when managing mass and single piece production.

More efficient work of a salesperson for greater customer satisfaction

Customer demands continue to grow and maintaining their satisfaction places high demands on company resources. The need to use up-to-date approaches and advanced tools to manage this process has resulted in a demand for a new CRM system to replace or improve the existing system. In the end, the company ISAN Radiátory has chosen Dynamics 365 including other add-on functions that Microsoft offers. Thanks to the continuous improvement of products, the newly-deployed system can better meet business and marketing needs in the future.

„A comprehensive, well-organized database of business relationships, contacts and prospects, including activities, is the basic tool of a salesperson for quality work with the customer. In our case, it is the sales department that works with the system the most, from the management of contacts, companies, quote creation to the claims process,“ says Michaela Zmítková, System manager of Sales Department at ISAN Radiátory and adds: „The quote module operates on the basis of price quotation generator. Automatic product configuration creates price quotations very easily, for larger projects, the system can import quote entries directly into CRM. The distribution of quotes to the customer is thus very fast. Quotes can be copied or edited for both the same and a different business relationship.“ Thanks to integration of CRM with an ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 instantly receives also a quote status report, its implementation and all the important information about the quote are thus in one place.

Quality service and customer services

Customer services are at ISAN Radiátory provided by the technical control department. Service workers use the CRM system for recording received goods from claims. This has replaced an external electronic book of claims and complaints. Together with a document management system, Microsoft SharePoint, the workers of technical control may attach photos of claims directly to the case at hand. Another facilitation is the possibility of activating automated processes in the CRM system, owing to which the case submitter is informed of its status and evaluation. By managing CRM service cases and working with the sales department, claims and other customer requirements are resolved more quickly.

The work with the CRM system itself is done separately in a web browser, however, the system is still mutually integrated with Microsoft Outlook to facilitate requirements receipt. The user can choose e-mails that they consider relevant and rewrite them into Microsoft Dynamics 365, even from a mobile phone. „The integration of the CRM system and Outlook enables us to quickly create a quote and record enquiry in one step,“ adds Michaela Zmítková. A great benefit is the record of the history of communication for business relationships and clear information relating to both quote cases and interested parties.

Modern analytical tools for better overview

In addition, the solution Power BI was deployed in ISAN Radiátory to better evaluate the activities of marketing, business, technical control, to improve sales support, capacity and inventory planning.  This analytical tool can evaluate and display as tables and graphs data from both CRM and ERP system and thus serves the executives as a background tool for taking the right decisions.

„The number of areas that Microsoft Dynamics 365 can cover effectively is vast and ISAN Radiátory is a textbook example of a company that is open to news and development that undoubtedly also lead to the development of customer care and facilitation of the work of employees,“ says Lubomír Veselý, Sales Director at CCV Information systems. It is already counted with bigger support of marketing department by implementing lead scoring and marketing automation that fit even better into a 360° customer care.

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