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Farmer's portal helps farmers save money, at the top of its annual growth rates are fruit-growers and orchard-men

13th May 2009 – Farmer's portal, which enables electronic submission of required statements and notifications to e.g. wine-growers, fruit-growers, orchard-men, hop-growers and nurserymen, has experienced a significant annual growth of usage. At the top of the chart we find fruit-growers and orchard-men, who are responsible for the triple growth of electronic notifications as compared to 2007, as was announced by Radim Šedivý, project manager from CCV Information systems, which is the author and technical supplier of the portal, at the 15th annual European conference "Information systems in agriculture and forestry".

To submit electronically means to submit seven times faster

The Farmer's portal including the information system of vineyards, hop-garden, intensive orchards and other registries is operated by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture (MZe) since 2006 in order to connect the agricultural public with the ministry and Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture (ÚKZÚZ). The Farmer's portal thus offers, amongst other things, facilitation of the communication with resort administration and is a model project of the use of information systems in agriculture, which saves time and money not only on the side of the agricultural public but also the state administration. "The Farmer's portal is a very efficient tool not only for the agriculturalists themselves but also for the state administration. Thanks to the "complete digitalization of the tens of thousands of submissions every year, and thus substantially simpler agenda, it saves financial and human resources. The annual savings in terms of bureaucracy equals 5000 man-hours." summed up Ing. Rostislav Gruna from ÚKZÚZ, vineyard registry department. "From what we know, electronic submission on the Farmer's portal takes approximately 12 minutes, the same process using paper takes about 80. The time savings become ever more evident when we evaluate those working with a large volume of such submissions or with a large submission; moreover most of the winegrowers already own a software which is capable of filling in the submissions automatically.“ added Gruna.

Every fifth wine bottle went through the Farmer's portal

The given benefits are therefore the main reason of the growing popularity of the Farmer's portal amongst the agricultural public, as noted by Radim Šedivý: "The development in the use of the Farmer's portal by fruit-growers and orchard-men is especially promising, as the number of electronically submitted documentation increased three-fold in the last year. The electronic submission of multiplication region and multiplication material accreditation demand represents another substantial advancement. The wine-growers results were also very promising, as we noted that their use of the portal doubled in the last year – more than 23 thousand questions asked, 2000 suppliers and more than 3000 vineyards verified. More than 20% of the wine production of the Czech Republic is therefore verified electronically these days." presented Šedivý. He continued: "On the other hand we are expecting higher numbers in the use of the hop-garden registries; it is in this very domain the use of the registries is of the greatest importance with regards to the high-quality of the Czech beer. In the hop-garden registry we file the grower, his hop-garden and the whole process of the hop certification, as to guarantee to the brewery that purchases this hop its origin and particular variant, so that he could in return guarantee the quality of the beer.

Further development of the Farmer's portal should be stimulated by the innovations, currently being prepared by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture and CCV Information Systems, which we plan to add to the portal before the end of this year. The main aim is further administration process facilitaion, and that is why we are working on the submission of electronic statements without the need for electronic signature. For the user's identification we will use a unique identifier (login and password) – these identifying credentials are already used today for the access to the secured part of the Farmer's portal.

Farmer's portal complimenting the overall digitalization of state administration

The benefits of the digitalization of the state administration were the subject of many comments at the conference: "All state administration is heading to full digitalization, which needs to be also strengthened in agriculture and environmental protection, and that is positive not only for the facilitated flow of information but also from the point of view of environmental protection. The data itself exists, we, however, need to intensify its sharing." said Rut Bízková, minister's deputy and director of the economic and political section of the Ministry for environment. "To enable the public to orientate itself in the data, we need to direct the related laws and processes at the same time as the information systems are being prepared. When the processes are well described, we are not only able to digitalize them, but at the same time calculate the expenses connected to such an agenda." added Bízková.

The conference "Information systems in agriculture and forestry" took place on the 12th and 13th May on the premises of the Czech agricultural university in Prague. It was started by prof. Ing. Miroslav Svatoš, CSc., dean of the Business and Economics Faculty ČZU, which provided the organizational guarantee over this international conference. The auspices over the event, with more than a hundred of international guests from a range of European countries, were taken by the Czech Ministries of the Interior and of the Environment.

About CCV Information systems

CCV Information systems is

a genuine Czech softwarehouse. It belongs to the important players on

the domestic scene in the domain of information systems. It has been

active on the market since 1992. Its headquarters can be found in Brno

(CCV Business Solutions) and its branch offices in Brno (CCV

eGovernment division) and in Opava (CCV eBusiness division).


provide comprehensive consignments in the development, consultancy and

implementation of business information systems (Microsoft Dynamics NAV

ERP systems), its supplementary solutions (Warehouse Management System)

and other software applications for certain business sectors. We

specialize in solutions for the provision of electronic data

interchange (EDI Orion® solution), which ensures paperless circulation

of business documentation. We also develop specialized internet

solutions (registries, portals) for state administration.

CCV Information systems holds the certificate of the quality system ISO 9001:2001, is the partner of Microsoft Corporation with the title Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and the proud bearer of the partnership title Oracle Valued Member Partner.

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