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EDI ORION 2016 brings a whole new dimension of working with electronic documents

2. June 2016

9th September 2015, Brno – High level of security of transferred and stored data, brand new features, additional services, and also more convenient and organized user interface. All this has been included by CCV Information Systems for their customers, for whom the company provides electronic exchange of documents (EDI – Electronic Data Interchange), in the new version of ORION EDI 2016 solution. Amongst a number of completely unique functions are for example Delivery Place, Instant Payment or Inventory Report for an overview of stocks at trading partners’. Both online EDI and the module for monitoring of delayed or undelivered documents also got an upgrade. List of new functions includes among other things an electronic catalogue for easier browsing of products by customers. Security of work with data is warranted by the ISO 27001 certification from a reputable authority TÜV SÜD Czech, that CCV Information Systems gained as thus far the only domestic provider of EDI.

Strengthening the position

By today's launch of the new version of ORION EDI 2016, the company CCV Information Systems confirmed its long-term position of the technological leader in the area of electronic data interchange (EDI) in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. Already today, through its consolidation centre ORION, it transmits millions of electronic business documents (EDI messages) to thousands of counterparts every month. 

‘In developing ORION EDI 2016, we draw on inspiration first and foremost from our customers. Owing mostly to their suggestions and requests, the new version contains a large number of extra functions and innovations. Work with electronic documents is not only safer but also more comprehensive and efficient’ says David Reichel, the architect of ORION EDI solution and Director of eBusiness division of CCV Information Systems, and adds ‘especially large customers demand the highest level of security of transferred information and also regularly test it. It is therefore my pleasure that we have always fully passed these tests.’ 

The rhetoric about increased emphasis on security is also confirmed by the customers. ‘If we provide data for processing or safekeeping to third parties, we require that they demonstrate their ability to consistently apply the highest security measures at the highest possible level. In addition to our own tests of reliability, another essential part is the certification by a renowned global organization,’ says Pavel Moravec, Director of ICT at Nestlé Czech Republic.

Seamless transition

The upgrade to ORION EDI 2016 will be completely smooth and seamless for all the customers. Already today it is actively used by more than 70 customers, including those who did not want to wait for the official launch of the new functions such as Delivery Place or Instant Payment. Thanks to this, they were able to fully use their benefits ahead of others and also thoroughly test the new user interface. The remaining 1,500 customers will gradually change to the new version by the end of this year.

Easier to work with documents

The final version of ORION EDI 2016 is to great extent a result of contribution by the customers whose suggestions for improving efficiency were carefully incorporated into the new version, as confirmed by Táňa Kaizarová, EDI administrator at company Biochemie: ‘I really appreciate when a system can adapt to its user, therefore I like the variety of custom settings in the new Orion. Already in the basic settings, the information is clearly organised, the important information is visible and details can be found intuitively.’

Useful Innovations

One of the key changes brought by EDI ORION 2016 is a significant increase in options for working with documents, thanks to the Delivery Place service. It has now become the brand new and completely independent gateway focused on all business processes for circulation of electronic documents. It allows to upload, share and approve not only documents from e-invoicing but also other documents produced outside of EDI communication, such as decisions by public authorities and others. These documents, verified through an electronic signature, can then be reliably stored with all other EDI documents. Delivery Place thus enables all documents to be effectively, clearly and safely stored in one place. Reliable archive thus gained within ORION EDI 2016 a brand new dimension for its use. 

Another important innovation is the ORION Instant Payment service that allows users of ORION EDI 2016 obtain, by a single click and almost instantly, financial means for their operational finance from the outstanding invoices. Through the investment auction system and with the use of EDI, it is also possible to secure 80% of value of a selected invoice even a few months earlier than their due date. In this much simpler alternative of traditional bank factoring, the remaining 20% is received after the payment of the invoice by the customer.

Finally, in relation to the official launch ORION EDI 2016, it is important to mention the Inventory Report service, which informs retail chain suppliers about how many products were sold at individual stores during a specified period and how the status of their supplies evolves. The data obtained will allow to accurately assess the impact of specific sales campaigns, compare different sales periods, and also prepare delivery of new products in time. All this is possible because Inventory Report downloads and processes data made available by retail chains in EDI message INVRPT.

The web EDI has also got a design upgrade, which now tends to the business practices of companies that have not yet integrated EDI even more. A new tool for assuring availability of supplies and cashflow is an assistant checking for delayed or undelivered electronic documents, enabling timely response to, for example, sent invoices not accepted by the receiver within the usual period. List of new features includes also the electronic items´ listing, which is used for master data management and easier browsing of products by customers.

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