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EDI in Tamda Foods saves hours during receipt of one delivery of goods

17. May 2018

17th May 2018, Brno – Food and dry goods wholesaler Tamda Foods has become another local chain store with fast moving consumer goods that has switched to fully electronic and automated processing of business documents using the EDI standard. The initial trigger for transition to electronic orders and invoices was the complexity of logistics processes. The receipt of goods into warehouse has been significantly and successfully sped up with an electronic advice of goods shipment and marking of pallets with SSCC codes. The solution provider was CCV Information systems and the data exchange uses a cloud clearing centre ORION EDI.

The strong development of Vietnamese food minimarkets and a number of other retail shops stood behind the dynamic expansion of Tamda Foods, which has gradually developed from a Prague cash & carry outlet to an established wholesale e-shop and logistics service offering over 30,000 items. Naturally, a need to solve all the processes around document processing and flow of goods more quickly and efficiently arose with it.

„As we were gradually widening the range of products, the complexity of warehouse processes for our employees was growing as well. Primarily, the receipt of goods was highly time-consuming for us. For example, with our vendor Nestlé, that delivers to us a great number of items on heterogenous pallets, the process of placing took 3 to 4 hours,“ comments the starting point Le Hai Anh, who was responsible for the process of digitization in Tamda Foods from the managerial point of view. „The idea to try to use EDI communication has occurred to my colleague from the sales department who was in contact with the key vendors who often use EDI and ask their customers about the possibility of interconnection. They have also recommended CCV Information systems as a partner for the project. Pushing EDI wasn't complicated afterwards because we are a company inclined to deploying modern technologies.“

Fast interconnection with key vendors

Connecting of vendors into EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) was significantly simplified by the fact that electronic document interchange was for the main vendors of Tamda Foods a common thing. The whole initial process, lasting four months, included a preparation of internal information system and the testing operation. 

The first connected partner was Henkel Company, then seven other key vendors, through whom a correct setup and operation of EDI processes were verified, and which enabled the evaluation of benefits. The next step is interconnection with another hundred of partners, of which more than half are from the Czech Republic and one third from other European countries.

Measurable benefits and fast return of the solution

The expected return of introducing EDI and the positive feedback from the key vendors have played a significant part already at choosing a solution. The reality, however, was far ahead of expectations: „Thanks to making use of advice of delivery (DESADV) with SSCC codes, we have sped up and streamlined the receipt of goods. In this way, we can place the whole shipment from Nestlé mentioned above in minutes,“ says Le Hai Anh, and adds: „The secondary benefit for the logistics is the possibility of better planning of receipt into warehouse. This is because the advice of delivery comes before the delivery itself and we can, thus, better prepare for the receipt, prepare the place in the warehouse, alternatively, redirect the delivery to another warehouse, etc.“  

About Tamda Foods

Tamda Foods is a company founded in 2008 but their business has started at its fullest since March 2011 in Prague's marketplace Sapa where it started offering a wide range of groceries, beverages, dry goods and household items with the system of cash & carry. It has gradually developed into an established wholesaler with an e-shop and logistics service Tamda Express, offering over 30,000 items and 5,000 kinds of goods.

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