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E-shop Bonus Bona Has Deployed a Warehouse Management System and Decreased its Order Processing Time Sixfold

12. March 2020

12th March 2020, Brno – The Prague-based company Bonus Bona has deployed the cloud system Lokia WMS with a view to making its warehouse management more effective. Following the deployment of the system, order picking errors have disappeared and warehouse workers are working faster – and order processing time is on average six times faster. As a result, the company has managed to cut one job position.

Bonus Bona deployed the Lokia WMS system provided by the company Grit in August 2019. An e-shop selling toothbrushes,, used to struggle with frequent order picking errors – warehouse workers would accidentally pick the wrong goods about three to four times a week. Since deploying Lokia, there have been no such cases.

„Most of the toothbrushes in our stock look the same or have similar packaging, which sometimes made it hard for our warehouse workers to locate the correct product. Sometimes we would send a customer a toothbrush that cost 1000 CZK more than the one he or she had actually ordered. Oftentimes, those people never got back to us, so all we could do was cut our losses,“ says Petr Matoušek, reminiscing about the time before the deployment of the warehouse management system.

Furthermore, the system has helped Bonus Bona speed up its order picking as well as dispatching. At Christmas 2018, the picking of all orders took approximately 12 hours per day, whereas one year later, warehouse workers prepared the same number of orders in 2 hours. „What’s more, working with the Lokia warehouse management system is extremely easy; even I can work in the warehouse when my colleague has a day off. And I think that my sixteen-year-old son would do just as fine,” Matoušek says.

Simplicity and ease of use are what Lokia prides itself on. „We have developed the system as a simple cloud solution, the exact opposite of what a lot of people imagine when they hear WMS,“ says Tomáš Kormaňák, Lokia WMS Product Specialist.

Faster order processing, warehouse location recording and optimization of routes in the warehouse have enabled Bonus Bona to cut one job position. „If we didn’t have the warehouse management system, we would need one more employee in the warehouse. Thanks to warehouse location recording, we have also been able to adopt a random goods storage system, whereby we place individual items in the first suitable position. As a result, the stocking and dispatching of goods is faster than when you have to place products systematically next to each other,“ says Matoušek.

Bonus Bona spent several weeks choosing the right warehouse management system; at one point the company was even thinking about a customized solution. In the end, Lokia WMS has emerged a winner, among other things because it allows its users to perform inventory counts on the fly and because it can be intergrated with other company systems. Bonus Bona has opted for full integration with the online accounting software ABRA FlexiBee.

„The integration of Lokia WMS with the accounting software FlexiBee, which is the the result of our work at Dativery, allows e-shops to enjoy the benefits of effective warehouse management at a fraction of the costs associated with warehouse management systems providing comparable features,“ says Petr Ferschmann, Director of Dativery. „We are looking forward to the advent of advanced warehouse management into small and medium-sized businesses which have hitherto been unable to afford them,“ says Ferschmann.

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