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Deployment of new CRM for distribution channels of eD‘ system Czech will be also appreciated by its customers

28. June 2016

28th June 2016, Brno – Effective distribution channels, support of sales and marketing activities, their more precise targeting on the detailed knowledge of the interests of customers and improvement in performance of their own employees. These are just some of the benefits that eD’ system Czech will get by deploying CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system from CCV Information systems. The intention is, besides other things, personalized targeting of the content of communication with customers who will be better addressed with relevant information. 

A new point of view on customers

The main aim is to use a coherent system of building relationships with customers that will support all distribution channels of eD' system Czech Company. And already in the first phase, a support of call centre and pipeline management have been implemented – a system of business opportunities management. 

Included in the deployment of the solution Microsoft Dynamics CRM is in the first phase already the integration with a digital switchboard of the call centre, as well as with the enterprise information system. It will thus become the key tool for automation of marketing campaigns, personalisation of web pages and direct marketing activities. The purpose is to set a unified process of creation and management of business opportunities that will be shared across all distribution channels. It will allow to better address potential customers with a more lucrative offer using the so-called lead scoring. 

„As a customer-oriented company, we want to behave completely individually towards our customers, even though there are truly plenty of them. With the help of CRM system, we have a possibility to better fulfil their expectations. We know which products they are interested in and which communication channels they prefer. Owing to that, we are prepared to offer them in the form of personalised webs or relevant addressing at the right moment, a precisely targeted and practically “unrefusable” offer. The aim is just one – a satisfied customer,“ says Michal Pavlorek, e-commerce Director of eD´ system Czech and adds: „We are integrating the CRM with the current systems and extending it with a number of innovative extending solutions, that's why we have chosen CCV Information systems as a provider.“ 

Compared to the current CRM system, which ceased to be sufficient for increasing needs of digital marketing, in eD‘ system Czech they are able to use the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM very well inside the company as well, thanks to better measurability of a whole range of processes related to business and marketing activities such as phone calls, success rate of email notifications, clicks in online campaigns or measuring of the return on investment of surveys.

The correct content through the correct channel at the right time

CRM system represents a means of building more quality relationships with customers also thanks to the ability to find out the most about their interests and needs. Variants of content personalisation of offers are then practically unlimited, either by email with a link to tools in MailChimp or with the help of web pages. However, it must always correspond to what content caught the customer's interest in the previous communication.

Martin Vokřál, Director of Customer Services division in CCV Information systems to this topic adds: „Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and integrating with best of breed software, it is possible to create unusually precise data, based on which one can not only evaluate business potential of individual customers and use it effectively, but also learn from measurable results and improve business and marketing processes.“

The activities of every customer in the CRM system are recorded and rated. Important is mainly the fact that it is not occurring at the level of general figures but quite specific users. The result is then their list with assigned point counts. And the higher the score a user has, the higher the probability that the transaction will eventually take place. Therefore, at the right moment comes a targeted and tailored offer of eD‘ system Czech. In case of big groups of users the CRM then also enables their detailed segmentation through tagging areas of their interests including the ability to follow how these areas are evolving during the decision process of the customer. 

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