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ČSAD warehouse in Uherské Hradiště managed by WMS from CCV Information Systems

20. January 2016

9th December 2015, Brno – Since November, the management of an external warehouse of ČSAD (the Czech national bus transport company) has been serviced through the CCV Warehouse Management solution developed by CCV Information Systems. ČSAD fulfils the role of a logistics provider for TOTAL CZECH REPUBLIC. The implementation of WMS (Warehouse Management System) resolved, among other things, the issue of daily reporting on stocks and availability of all storage items for TOTAL CZECH REPUBLIC, and helped create a clear agenda for the production of invoicing documents for the provided logistics services. 

Direct connection with France

‘The great contribution of the implemented solution is its direct connection to SAP of the company TOTAL. This resulted in a significant simplification of reporting on availability of goods in a warehouse and daily review of inventory in stock. The elimination of paper documents also led to significant streamlining and overall optimization of work in the warehouse,’ says Vlastislav Čech, the Commercial Director of ČSAD Uherské Hradiště.

Thanks to the WMS CCV Warehouse Management solution, , the management of ČSAD Uherské Hradiště has an instant overview of a number of key parameters. These include management of orders, review of stock availability (of all types of goods in relation to its storage requirements), notification of receipt of goods from production, complaints or customer returns (including an option for their quick check). Another significant change is a registration of a pallet account, which contains details of movement, number of uses and package expiration. Everything is controlled by scanners.

Standard and specific requirements

Deployment of warehouse management, introduction of radio frequency readers and complete coverage of storage space by cable networks demonstrably improved the control of goods management and at the same time practically pre-empted any confusions. For example, through the existing workflow, the goods to be dispatched have a specific label, which also has to be confirmed by the operations staff immediately after completion of a relevant activity. The ABC analysis also helped to optimize the layout of shelving and pallet locations for the operation of the warehouse, which, together with automatization of allocation of storage compartments, enhanced its utilisation.

Apart from its standard functions, the CCV Warehouse Management system in ČSAD Uherské Hradiště fulfils a number of other functions following from the specific character of customer activity. For example, the system reviews the usability of packaging material, especially IBC containers, which TOTAL uses for transport and storage of oils and various liquids, or, based on customer requirements provides the material for the assembly and production of lubricants. Other benefits include help with identification of correct lots and expiration of aviation oil or control of regulations for storage and shipping of dangerous ADR goods and their labelling.

Implementation of the CCV Warehouse Management solution in ČSAD Uherské Hradiště was a logical step responding to the dynamic development of the company in the recent years. The company has invested considerable funds into the development of the information system in the whole range of activities and also into the renewal of the vehicle fleet, where it uses a modern monitoring system called Transics. All this contributes to the provision of the core services, which are indispensable for the high-standard operation of the automobile transport and logistics. The mentioned steps helped the company to become one of the leading providers of travel and logistics services in the Czech Republic.

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