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CRM from CCV Information systems in VMS Vision Company, besides customer care, manages also the whole distribution network

3. May 2016

3rd May 2016, Brno – VMS Vision, a Czech manufacturing company specialising in deliveries of blackboards and office boards and other means of visual communication, has solved several needs by deploying CRM (Customer Relationship Management) from CCV Information systems. Besides raising the customer care and the fashion of how they work with their customers itself, the new system works mainly as a solution for managing a distribution network. All this, together with a short return on investment period and smooth integration with enterprise information system, represents an effective acolyte for the sales and marketing of VMS Vision.

Better management of distribution network is shown in return on investment

VMS Vision Company has been during its 20-year history focusing more and more on constructing and the production of its portfolio itself, known as ekoTAB, while continuously building a network of stable and promising business partners. „Our aim is to target what we do best, which is the development and production of visual means that facilitate communicating people’s thoughts. Successful sale of our products to end users is, however, just as important. Therefore, I am glad that by deploying new CRM we have acquired an effective tool for managing our whole distribution network,“ says Libor Kožoušek, CEO in VMS Vision Company. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM system has been delivered by CCV Information systems Company and is used here in the on-line version using a platform Microsoft Azure and connected to the current economic system QI. Return on investment into the tailored system and all user licences is according to the estimates of the top management 18 months.

Overview and time savings for the management, marketing and salespeople 

Thanks to the new CRM and its functions like dealer segmentation, precise recording of business activities, planning and controlling of salespeople, automatic creation of orders and quote templates or preparation for a meeting with current or potential customer, a significant amount of time is saved. Individual salespersons and their superiors can thus better target customer care.

Increased performance owing to the deployment of CRM system is seen not only in the sales but also in the marketing of VMS Vision. Communication processes of salespeople and customers are now not only managed more effectively but also mutually coordinated. In the case of VMS Vision Company, it’s concerning the whole management of marketing campaigns and their evaluation, as well as the management of answers to these campaigns, introduction of email templates or tools for customer segmentation – marketing lists. Integration of CRM with MailChimp service can be additionally used for automating mailing campaigns and eventually also for getting a better overview of what truly interests the customers of VMS Vision.

„Building relationships with customers is for manufacturing companies of this type crucial and that’s why we are glad that the CRM system helps building detailed understanding of individual customer requirements. That eventually leads to better targeting of the wide portfolio of manufactured goods“, says Martin Vokřál, Director of Customer Service division in CCV Information systems Company.

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