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Construction companies will not limit their investment into information technologies this year, 25% of them, in fact, is planning to increase their investment even at the time of economic recession

23rd April 2009 – The Czech building materials producers consider the 

investment into information technologies beneficial and they will not

limit it even during the current economic situation; 65% of the 

companies approached is planning to maintain the level of investment

into IT for the foreseeable future, and 25% considers even augmenting

those expenses. Lowering the investment has only been anticipated by

10% of the approached companies. This data was concluded based upon a 

quick survey carried out by the CCV Information systems amongst fifty

construction companies participating at the fair IBF and were presented

today in the frame of the fair's conference programme. Amongst the most

preferred measures of the companies against the recession is the 

limiting of running costs and more efficient use of information and

deepening of customer relations.

Acquired results suggest improvement in the investment confidence on the market:


similar surveys from the beginning of the year show deep investment

scepticism, current inquiry depicts improved perception of the 

contemporary situation. Such a change in opinion can be assigned to

positive incentives appearing in the construction sector in the last

few weeks, from the declaration of public commissions to the grants

project "Zelená úsporám" (Green to savings) worth 25 billion CZK, which

was commenced by the minister Bursík himself, here at the fair,

similarly to the new incentive for the use of financial means from the 

Operational programme Living environment, which is amongst other things

concerned with the investment into energy savings in the buildings of

the public sector and that are worth 6 billion CZK.


question concerning the type of precautions taken by companies in the 

time of construction recession was most commonly answered by the 

representatives of construction companies in the following manner:

lowering of running costs (73%), better use of analysis and information

(68%), deepening of customer relations (61%)  and expansion to new

markets or into the market niche of their competition (42%).Only 22% of

the companies have quoted lowering of investment expenses amongst the 

most important measures to be taken to deal with the recession.

Therefore the will to continue investing into information technologies

is fully in line with the findings of the survey. "The majority of

companies is planning to maintain the same rate of investment into IT

this year, 25% of them even plans to increase those expenses,“

clarified the situation manager for strategic marketing from CCV

Information system Petr Ondrášek. "In addition, the increase of

foreseen investment, using some kind of the EU funding is considered by

50% of the companies, whilst 5% of them is already involved in the 

process of receiving them."

IT providers have to "speak intelligibly"


majority of the respondents believes that IT providers do not listen

correctly to the customer and cannot clearly explain the offered

solutions, i.e. speak in a manner intelligible for the customer. "Only

those who not only provide a high-quality solution but also prove to be

experienced in the domain and competence of its implementation can be

successful,“ said Petr Ondrášek.

CCV Information systems provides

retail and production construction companies reliable information

systems, which support clients networks management with comprehensive and

customized contract conditions, automated commission acceptance and

other business documentation. "The close interconnectedness between ERP

and customers' systems is very important as it allows for better

predictability of demand, production, stock and cash-flow management,"

said Dalibor Damborský, executive director of CCV Information systems.

"This interconnectedness between information systems and suppliers is

particularly appreciated by the trading networks of building material

wholesalers and retailers. It allows them to manage the trading network

more efficiently, optimize the activity of branch offices in the given

location specifically in the domain of price making and stock level. In

this economically instable era, flexibility, fast reaction and

expansion become the absolutely indispensable features of a business.

Our systems provide the customers with substantial support in those


Customized solutions are the most popular ones in the construction sector


to the opinion of construction companies, it is still valid that

information system should predominantly stimulate resource savings and

better overview to the company. Customized solutions are the current

trend. The ever increasing importance of investment into the expenses

of human labour in the IT domain and implementation in line with

organization's requirements confirm, according to the its executive

director Dalibor Damborsky, the experience of CCV Information systems.


the point of view of functionality of the system, the results of the 

inquiry unambiguous: customers want above all an easily-navigable

application (60%). In the company's information system, respondents

would most like to improve or newly-implement commission management,

distributions and stock levels. This requirement was quoted by 24% of

those approached as a priority. The other three most preferred

solutions are customer relations management (21%), management analysis

and reporting (20%) and last but not least the importance of electronic

data interchange of business documentation (11%).

"Almost a 

hundred of our clients from the construction and furniture segment of

the economy is using our comprehensive solution for electronic data

interchange or electronic invoicing, which is the typical successful

software solution of the modern era, which easily brings about the 

immediate expense savings,“ said Petr Ondrášek. On the Czech

construction market (according to the data assembled by Czech

Statistical Office) electronic invoicing is used by 7% of all

companies, solution for electronic data interchange (EDI) in the format

EDIFACT by 2,1% and EDI solution based on the XML format is used by

8,9%. Those numbers are almost exclusively a half lower than the 

average of all twenty-seven member countries of the European Union.

On the IBF fair 53 presented companies answered the quick survey of CCV


quick mobile survey of CCV Information systems during the first days of

the International Building Fair (IBF) approached around fifty chosen

participants. Respondents were always people with influence in the 

decision-making process of the company as to whether or not to purchase

a new information system. Their answers to the questions were

immediately noted into PDA computers connected to the server, and thus

it was possible to continuously evaluate the current results of the 

survey and to present its findings within a half an hour of the end of

the survey at the accompanying programme of the fair.

About CCV Information systems

CCV Information systems is

a genuine Czech softwarehouse. It belongs to the important players on

the domestic scene in the domain of information systems. It has been

active on the market since 1992. Its headquarters can be found in Brno

(CCV Business Solutions) and its branch offices in Brno (CCV

eGovernment division) and in Opava (CCV eBusiness division).


provide comprehensive consignments in the development, consultancy and

implementation of business information systems (Microsoft Dynamics NAV

ERP systems), its supplementary solutions (Warehouse Management System)

and other software applications for certain business sectors. We

specialize in solutions for the provision of electronic data

interchange (EDI Orion® solution), which ensures paperless circulation

of business documentation. We also develop specialized internet

solutions (registries, portals) for state administration.

CCV Information systems holds the certificate of the quality system ISO 9001:2001, is the partner of Microsoft Corporation with the title Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and the proud bearer of the partnership title Oracle Valued Member Partner.

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