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CCV WatchDog for a higher stability of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

3. January 2017

9th January 2017, Brno – For ensuring more available and reliable operation of the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV and interconnected database, file or application servers is intended a brand new application CCV WatchDog from the workshop of CCV Information systems. Besides detailed monitoring of the status of systems, it also enables a fully automatic and fast elimination of selected types of problems.

The novelty aims especially at preceding problems that may arise while using enterprise information system Microsoft Dynamics NAV and thus ensuring its higher availability at lower demands on management. It supervises the stability of the application as well as of the interconnected layers of other solutions in an online regime and in case of errors, immediately informs in detail the operators or automatically resolves them on its own. 

It targets mainly these areas:

Maintaining consistent performance and stability – executes and subsequently automatically checks successful execution of a set of maintenance updates which are otherwise carried out the system administrator manually with the risk of errors or delays. Thus, it ensures that the system is permanently clean with fast user reactions. 

Monitoring of operation of the consecutive communication layers – monitors and tests online the correctness of communication with other consecutive applications, such as database, file or application server. It enables to detect also states when even though the individual layers are in operation but owing to the overload, they are not usable. 

Monitoring of correct course of scheduled backups – evaluates their successful completion and checks whether there haven't been any unexpected errors during the process. Furthermore, it checks that the backup file is actually created, has the expected size or even restores and tests it in a test mode. 

„CCV WatchDog is a modular service with the possibility of adjusting the monitoring service to specific needs of support of the customer. This construction set offers a multitude of pre-prepared functions that can be assembled into scenarios of specific tasks,“ says Roman Fuchs, Director of Business Solutions division in CCV Information systems.

The whole functioning of CCV WatchDog is designed as passive as possible. It doesn't burden anyone with intermediate reports about successful operation but it informs the administrator only in case of a failure of the monitored activity. Subsequently, it evaluates the severity of the situation and chooses the reaction mode accordingly, be it an automatic error elimination or warning the operators.  

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