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CCV Instant stock has sped up shipping time tenfold

25. January 2016

25th January 2016, Brno – Implementation of Instant stock solution by CCV in toy e-shop has had radical impact on stock picking time and has saved over 75 percent of time needed for preparation of receiving and dispatching documents. Sales staff now has perfect overview of stock availability which has positive effect on amount of realized sales orders. Information about immediate availability is one of the most important arguments for purchasing officers. 

Exact item record keeping

Radical improvement of key warehouse performance indicators was apparent almost immediately. As early as fifth day from signing contract warehousemen began to get their automated instructions directly from e-shop into their mobile terminal which accurately defined which items from where have to be picked. In addition, e-shop management gained possibility of watching actual levels of every good in stock and its movements like receiving, shipping or transferring. 

Tenfold decrease in shipping times or three quarter savings of document preparation times were determined by evaluation of first two months of CCV Instant stock operation, which is also positively appraised by owner Josef Pakantl: “Thanks to exact knowledge of our stock levels I order from our vendors only goods that we really need. Instant stock has paid for itself several times just by savings on purchasing goods.”

Quick problem solution

Consideration of warehouse management system implementation resulted from problems which started to pile up in relation to growing demand in preceding period. Problems eventually manifested in slow shipping of ordered goods, needlessly large stock levels of some items and chaotic and demanding hand operated warehouse and shipping management. 

Implementation of solution itself was very fast. CCV Information systems managed it in just one day. Labeling all warehouse positions and putting barcode readers into operation were all part of it. Because integration of e-shop and Instant stock order information began immediately, so did significant improvement of dispatch process’s efficiency. In order to fully manage warehouse system in – and solve piled up problems – only thing required was initial stock-taking.

In cloud with many improvements

Instant stock, which is available in SaaS (Software as a Service) model on Microsoft Azure cloud platform, was able to gain attention of new customers thanks to recent innovations, as confirmed by Václav Kameníček, director of division that handles research and innovation in CCV Information systems: “Our goal is to develop Instant stock in a way that enables warehouse management efficiency improvement as soon as possible after deployment, no matter the industry. New features, for example shipping management based on priorities including picking route optimization or well-arranged visualization of stock levels push simple configurability one step further.”

His words are also demonstrated by recent successful brief implementation of CCV Instant stock solution in forwarding company Lukáš Kořínek – 2ktransport which provides complex services regarding truck transport, warehousing, and warehouse logistics. In their own warehousing location in Varnsdorf they manage and stock goods of their customers and also provide palletization an order completion.

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