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CCV Information systems renamed to Grit

28. May 2019

28th May 2019, Brno – The Czech software company CCV Information systems will focus on developing its own products in the future. Along with this change, the company has adopted a new name and a new visual identity. The property structure does not change, Grit stays in the hands of its Czech founders.

The company CCV Information systems is now acting under the name Grit. „We started in a small office in 1992. Today, we have more than two thousand clients and are among the leading Czech providers of cloud services. All this time, we have been working very hard on our products to the satisfaction of our clients. Dedication and full commitment belong to our DNA, that’s why we want to have this value in the name,“ explained the CEO Dalibor Damborský. In English, this toughness is called grit.

Grit will primarily focus on developing its own products and it is moving away from implementing third-party systems. Grit’s products include Orion that serves to automate document interchange among customers and suppliers (EDI communication); the warehouse system Lokia and the invoice-processing software Invoice Flow. „Customers can use the services individually, but they will bring the most benefit when brought together. Thanks to that, Grit will create a strong support network that will effectively interconnect them with their customers and suppliers, ensuring that documents, money and goods flow automatically and require minimum manual processing. By doing so, they save time and money and gain a perfect overview of everything,“ stated the CEO Dalibor Damborský.

The new company logo, designed by Věra Marešová, who designed, for example, the visual style for the city of Brno, resembles an amoeba, an animal with a variable body shape. This adaptability refers to the flexibility of Grit’s cloud solutions and their constant development.

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