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Better customer protection and higher quality of wine thanks to information technologies and winegrowers' education

Brno, 2nd March 2010 – Both domestic and international consumers can rely on the origin and quality of wine from the Moravian and Bohemian regions. This is also largely thanks to information technologies, which prevent wine forgeries and imports of low quality foreign wines. The usage of the Vineyard registry – the technical vehicle of the customer protection and domestic wine production qualite functions – has increased significantly in the last year, together with the quality of Bohemian and Moravian wine. The number of electronic submissions has increased almost fourfold compared to the last year. These results, together with the presentation of the novelties in the education of the winegrowers have been announced on the press conference of the VINEX fair in Brno by CCV Information systems in cooperation with the Ministry for Agriculture of the Czech Republic – Wine department.

Why should the customers rely on or how could they ask questions about the quality of wine?

The existence of the vineyard registry is guaranteed by the law 321/2004 Sb. section about winegrowing and viticulture and its administration is the Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture (ÚKZÚZ). Winegrowers and winemakers can thus fulfil a range of legally required claims, which are to be archived in the wine registry, through the electronic portal. It serves mainly to connect the agriculturalists' public with the Ministry for Agriculture and the Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture (ÚKZÚZ), amongst other things it offers easier communication between winegrowers and winemakers and the appropriate sector administration.

Ing. Antonín Králíček, head of the Wine department of the Czech Ministry of Agriculture said that winegrowers and winemakers have been using the system above all to buy and sell grapes, which also allows them to verify their origin. The same thing can then be said about the final product, i.e. wine. "In the same manner we also carry out the rigorous audit of the production process and serves to control the payment of different support allowances" says Králíček. Currently, there is 18 000 winegrowers regisetred in the Czech Republic, who are allowed to use the portal free of charge, as can the ordinary customer. 

It is the end consumer for whom the Wine registry is the bearer of clear and accessible information – since there is a possibility to verify the information printed on the etiquette of a purchased bottle, concerning the origin and quality of the wine are exact, using the Farmer's portal or a website called, i.e. if the wine is classed and certified by the State agricultural and food inspection (SZPI) According to Králíček the Czech wine market has responded to these new control mechanisms by great refinement, which is also supported by the evident shift in the structure of the domestic wine production towards better quality wines.

Vineyard registry and electronic claims are the fundamentals of the control mechanisms

The use of the Vineyard registry, which is the technological bearer of the customer protection and domestic wine production quality function, has increased significantly in the last year. The total number of electronic claims has increased almost by 1005 compared to last year and eight-fold compared to 2008. This data concerns the harvest, production and stocks claims or stock claims for the National wine stock administration.

A good example are the mandatory claims about wine stocks. Domestic producers and wine merchants had electronically claimed 649 622 hectolitres of wine stocks in 2009, compared to a mere forth of the stocks being claimed via paper forms. The electronic claim has clearly been a success, as it is used by twelve times as many winegrowers as last year, contrary to the 48% decrease in traditional paper claims.

The use of the Farmer's portal is also proved by the annual question statistics "In 2009 winegrowers had raised over 16 800 questions on the Vineyard registry and almost 1200 suppliers and 2000 vineyards have been attested." says RNDr. Jan Škerle, head of the eGovernment section of CCV Information systems – the technological supplier of the ministry's registries.

Ing. Jakub Šamšula, viticultural technician and a representative of our eminent wine producer – Templářské sklepy Čejkovice – spoke on behalf of all wine-producing companies. He expressed contentment with the electronic communication with state agencies during this year's grape harvest. "Thanks to the Wine registry we were able to verify the origin of more than six and a half million kilograms of grapes during this year's harvest, which is unimaginable had there be no online registry." comments Jakub Šamšula and adds: "The replacement of paper communication with electronic claims is undoubtedly an advantage, we have been able to get rid of the time-consuming and complex administrative agenda. For us, as a producer however, the greatest benefit of the portal is the possibility to verify the origin of the grapes when buying from individual vineyards. Thanks to that we are able to continue improving the quality of our wine. Using only two lap-tops we were able to replace two and a half thousand purchase receipts during the last harvest. It is a very swift method, which notifies us immediately about any possible wrong data, concerning the grower, the vineyard, wine type or even the excessive per-hectare yields."

How has the educational process of the future winegrowers in their schools changed?

The progress of the electronic communication between winegrowers and the state administration and Vineyard registry, has also contributed to a change in the education process of the future winegrowers studying at their respective vocational schools. The first unified project of this type has been adopted into the academic curriculum of the students of the penultimate and final year at the Viticultural vocational school in Valtice (Střední vinařská škola ve Valticích), which has been educating future winegrowers and winemakers since 1873. Part of the project is also a field trip and consultations at the UKZÚZ (Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture), which administers the Vineyard registry. "At the end of this school year there will be the first 30 alumni, who having passed the tests will put into practice the knowledge and the ability to use the Vineyard registry and electronic claims enabling communication with the administration. We have been cooperating on this project, with CCV experts, who deliver those specialised lessons as well as the Ministry of Agriculture itself." explains Ing. Ivana Machovcová, the headmistress of this Vocational school in Valtice.

Innovations for the year 2010

Whar are the innovations, being prepared for the Farmer's portal the Viticultural public can use even during 2009? As stated by Jan Škerle from CCV Information systems, we have been preparing a support of other new electronic processes such as electronic demand for wine classification for the State agricultural and food inspection (SZPI) or new printable subject and grape sale mandatory documentation overviews, in order to facilitate the administration processes.


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