Press Releases

26. January 2015

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 won the module to communicate EDI from CCV Information systems

Brno, January 22, 2015 – In January 2015, a new version of an enterprise information system Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 has entered the market; this time, also including add-on modules for system expansion in specific areas. One...


22. January 2015

TZ - MAKRO uses electronic catalogue for information collection from suppliers covering tens of thousands of products

An important innovation on the path to a fully-fledged electronic exchange of master data about goods has been registered by the suppliers of the commercial chain MAKRO Cash & Carry. The company also made a new requirement...


19. December 2014

TZ - Vladimír Horák appointed Director of Business Solutions division at CCV Information Systems

Brno, December 15, 2014 – Vladimír Horák was appointed as a new Director of the Business Solutions division at CCV Information Systems. By taking the role, he has filled a vacancy that had been empty since July, when his...


11. December 2014

TZ - ORION Instant payment

Brno, December 9, 2014 – 68% of small and medium-sized enterprises gets paid for their receivables later than required by the statutory deadline of 30 days – yet, most pay for their liabilities in a significantly shorter term....


8. December 2014 awarded for the best EDI Project of the year 2014

Brno, November 25, 2014 – EDI Project of the year, which is an annual competition organised by professional portal rewarding innovative and successful implementation of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), was this year...


11. November 2014

Retail chains have clear preference for EDI communication for exchange of business documents

Brno, November 3, 2014 – A significant majority of retail chains operating in the Czech market make a full use of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to support their business and logistics processes. Amongst the 30 largest of...


12. November 2014

CCV Information Systems expands its marketing team

Brno, November 10, 2014 – CCV Information Systems, one of the largest providers of electronic data interchange (EDI) in the domestic market, has appointed Ladislav Chovítek as a Marketing Manager of eBusiness. He will be...


27. May 2013

TZ - Impress others with your knowledge of wine thanks to the Wine Hero smartphone app

Brno, 24 May 2013 – A brand new mobile app Wine Hero provides a detailed catalogue of 50 most well-known wine varieties and tens of different meal pairings for those varieties. With the help of this app, developed by top...


13. March 2013

OBI Czech Republic notifies its suppliers of invoice settlements electronically

Brno, 5 March 2013 – A new interesting option has recently arisen for suppliers of OBI Czech Republic. All they have to do to benefit from it is simply to accept OBI’s proposal for expanding their mutual EDI (Electronic Data...


19. February 2013

Consumers can now find out almost anything about the products thanks to bar codes

Brno, 13 February 2013 – Food product information sharing with consumers has become a centre of debate, founded not only in the changes of consumers’ behaviour and development of technology, but also in the new European Directive...


31. January 2013

Ivo Vašíček has become the head of logistics solutions' development at CCV Information systems

Brno, 15 January 2013 – The Business Solutions division at CCV Information systems has been reinforced by a new addition to the team towards the end of last year – Ivo Vašíček. His task will be to mainly manage development...


5. November 2012

TZ ORION Monitoring of insolvency registers keeps an eye on business partners’ credibility

Brno, 30 October 2012 – Insolvency registry monitoring represents a new on-line service of the ORION consolidation centre. Its purpose is to automatically monitor business partners’ solvency. It was introduced to the market by...


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