Press Releases

11. July 2016

A new mobile application ORION EDI – for travelling as well as for instant overview

Brno, 11 July 2016 – We can undoubtedly smile at the meaningfulness of some applications at the very least, however, that’s definitely not the case of Mobile application ORION EDI in CCV Information systems. That’s because...


28. June 2016

Deployment of new CRM for distribution channels of eD‘ system Czech will be also appreciated by its customers

Brno, 28th June 2016 – Effective distribution channels, support of sales and marketing activities, their more precise targeting on the detailed knowledge of the interests of customers and improvement in performance of their own...


24. May 2016

Henkel has launched EDI communication in the area of Beauty Care Professional – division Schwarzkopf Professional

Brno, 24th May 2016 – Henkel Company, a leading global supplier of consumer goods and also an innovator in the area of implementing electronic business documents interchange, has extended their usage on the domestic market also...


3. May 2016

CRM from CCV Information systems in VMS Vision Company, besides customer care, manages also the whole distribution network

Brno, 3rd May 2016 – VMS Vision, a Czech manufacturing company specialising in deliveries of blackboards and office boards and other means of visual communication, has solved several needs by deploying CRM (Customer Relationship...


20. April 2016

CCV Information systems will connect to EDI communication also wholesale and retail suppliers of ROSA market

Brno, 20th April 2016 – After the electronic data interchange (EDI) has spread from multinational chain stores with fast-moving consumer goods also to other market segments like internet stores, chain stores focused on consumer...


25. January 2016

CCV Instant stock has sped up shipping time tenfold

Brno, 25th January 2016 – Implementation of Instant stock solution by CCV in toy e-shop has had radical impact on stock picking time and has saved over 75 percent of time needed for preparation of receiving and...


20. January 2016

ČSAD warehouse in Uherské Hradiště managed by WMS from CCV Information Systems

Brno, 9 December 2015 – Since November, the management of an external warehouse of ČSAD (the Czech national bus transport company) has been serviced through the CCV Warehouse Management solution developed by CCV Information...


10. November 2015

TS - New leadership of Sales and Business Solutions divisions

CCV Information Systems appointed Roman Fuchs to the position of the Director of Business Solutions division, which is focused on specialized solutions for enterprise information systems and warehouse management (WMS). Lubomír...


1. October 2015

New Customer Services division headed by a newly appointed Director: Martin Vokřál

The Czech company CCV Information Systems established a new division CCV Customer Services. Its purpose is to supply CRM solutions and add-on services in the area of sales, marketing and customer care. Martin Vokřál has been...


2. June 2016

EDI ORION 2016 brings a whole new dimension of working with electronic documents

EDI ORION 2016 brings a whole new dimension of working with electronic documents Brno, September 9, 2015 – High level of security of transferred and stored data, brand new features, additional services, and also more convenient...


20. July 2015

DATART fully launched EDI communication in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and plans further expansion

Brno, 9 July 2015 – Reducing costs associated with processing and archiving of tax documents, improving ordering service for contractors and eliminating errors caused by manual processing of documents; these represent just some...


1. June 2015

WMS to support warehouse management of finished and semi-finished products in the company SEPOS

Brno, May 25, 2015 – SEPOS, a company with purely Czech equity, and the leading seller of doors and door frames as well as one of the leading manufacturers of custom door frames in the Czech Republic, initiated a process of...


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