Press Releases

30. March 2021 will save over 4 million crowns a year thanks to the automation of invoices

30th March 2021, Brno – Automatic processing of received invoices will save companies millions of crowns. The e-shop has now calculated that thanks to the combination of EDI and the invoice processing tool, it saved 4...


2. February 2021

We Want to Have A „Different“ Selection of Goods Than Typical Supermarkets, Says a Purchaser

2nd February 2021, Brno – It is not only the fact that is 100% online that makes it stand out from brick-and-mortar supermarket chains such as Kaufland and Lidl. It seeks to be unique in all respects. It is increasingly...


12. January 2021

Henkel Wins the 2020 EDIZone Award for its Invoice Automation Project with Lidl

12th January 2021, Brno - December marked the tenth edition of the EDIZone portal’s competition for the project of the year in the field of commercial and logistical process automation. The winner was the project of the...


26. November 2020

The end of paper invoices? Pilulka Pharmacy wants to handle orders and invoices only electronically

26th November 2020, Brno - One of the largest players in the pharmaceutical market – the Pilulka pharmacy – wants to get rid of paper documents such as orders or invoices completely in the coming months. The company, which...


4. November 2020

Company Fri-Service switched to automatic invoice processing, thus saving routine work for itself and the external accounting firm

4th November 2020, Brno - Fri-Service Czech, which designs, supplies and services refrigeration, freezing and slicing machines for retail stores or the gastronomic segment, has switched to a tool for automatic...


16. September 2020

More than half of Czech companies are worried about systems compatibility as they transition to the cloud, they are least worried about data leaks.

16th September, 2020, Brno – Cloud tools are now used by most companies in the Czech Republic – most often for backup or email communications, but there are increasing numbers of companies that have their entire corporate...


4. August 2020

Exisport and Other Sporting Goods Stores from PPG Group Are Introducing Electronic Data Interchange

4th August 2020, Brno - PPG Group is now communicating with its suppliers via EDI. It sends and receives orders, delivery notes and invoices using electronically structured messages. In the future, PPG Group, which...


24. June 2020

Parfumerie Douglas Automates Its Purchasing Process

23rd of June 2020, Brno – Overpriced purchases and missing information regarding budget spending – these are the main reasons why Parfumerie Douglas decided to start using a new cloud tool for automated shopping from company...


28. April 2020

Smart Comp. Reaffirms Its Position as a Digitally Strong Company; Its Invoices Are Processed by Artificial Intelligence

28th April 2020, Brno - Smart Comp. has adopted a system for processing and approving received invoices which uses artifcial intelligence. Also a provider of the internet service Netbox and of the internet TV Kuki, Smart...


8. April 2020

Henkel Continues with the Electronic Data Interchange, Now Also with Lidl

8th April 2020, Brno – The company Henkel and the chain of supermarkets Lidl are now communicating with each other via EDI. They have already begun exchanging invoices using electronically structured messages, and will soon...


2. April 2020

Cloud Services Help Companies Get Through the State of Emergency

2nd April 2020, Brno – According to current surveys, approximately one third of working Czechs are working from home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Then there are companies that could, given the nature of their work,...


12. March 2020

E-shop Bonus Bona Has Deployed a Warehouse Management System and Decreased its Order Processing Time Sixfold

12th March 2020, Brno – The Prague-based company Bonus Bona has deployed the cloud system Lokia WMS with a view to making its warehouse management more effective. Following the deployment of the system, order picking errors have...


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