ORION 2.0 ends in one month, it will be replaced by a new generation ORION 2016

23. August 2016

Already in one month, on 9th September 2016, a one-year transitional period will end, during which customers of CCV Information systems in the Czech Republic and Slovakia could for electronic processing of documents concurrently use the current ORION EDI 2.0 as well as the newly developed version ORION EDI 2016. The older system will be turned off for good after seven years of functioning. The new one is already being used naturally by approximately two thirds of users.

With the transition to new version helped a series of 13 trainings

For an easy transition, customers of ORION EDI had an opportunity to attend for free a series of eleven extensive trainings in three cities in the Czech republic (Prague, Brno, Opava) and two in Slovakia (Bratislava, Poprad) during the past year.  

The opportunity to find out what the new ORION EDI 2016 can do and how the work with it is was used by more than 200 employees of companies in retail, food industry, building industry, e-shops and others. About their exceptional satisfaction testify also survey results when 99 % of them stated that they would recommend the trainings to other companies as well. 

„I mostly appreciate a practical demonstration and also various examples how some processes are done in other companies,“ said about the training Michal Chromek, a head of invoicing department in Mikro Trading.

The customers also had an opportunity to ask the coaches questions for direct usage, which subsequently generated more ideas for minor enhancements of work procedures. 

„We were very pleased by the positive feedback and very positive reactions to new ORION and we are glad that the trained participants in a large majority regarded them as highly beneficial,“ assesses the seminars David Reichel, Director of eBusiness division who was one of the lecturers. „All the trainings are for us a source of shared user experience which we value highly. Because the view of the creator is not always consistent with the view of the common user. And we have been working with the feedback from customers in the long term. User testing was a natural part of the preparation of the new version ORION EDI 2016, but another wave of trainings has brought us plenty of interesting personal meetings and this exchange of experiences is simply more immediate.”

As a help with the transition to the new version is our Orion customer support available.

A flashback to ORION EDI Academy training

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