OBI now uses electronic payment notifications

6. March 2013

Faster and more accurate pairing of a business partner’s payments with the supplier’s invoices has been enabled by expanding the existing EDI communication between OBI Czech Republic and its suppliers by implementing a new payment transfer initiation notification message – REMADV.

The suppliers are thus able to immediately access the information about the payment transfer from OBI Czech Republic, which saves them time while searching for and pairing payments with invoices. OBI Czech Republic’s EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) communication solution is provided by CCV Information systems.

Implementation of the REMADV message at OBI Czech Republic represents a logical continuation of the previously successful implementation of other EDI messages such as ORDERS (order), INVOIC (invoice) a DESADV (bill of delivery). The goods’ supplier thus receives an important piece of information about the payment transfer. The REMADV message can also be used for lump-sum payments, which may cover multiple invoices. The actual message then informs the receiver of the individual invoices that have been covered by this payment. The message can be further processed to subdivide the lump-sum payment into individual ones on the bank statement and to pair them with respective invoices.

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