Nine faces of Instant Stock

9. June 2016

A solution provided in the form of service (Software as a Service) should be perceived by customers that they have no problems with it. It eliminates large initial investments, troubles with servers, software updates or ensuring technical support. All you need is a web browser and internet connection via any device. The service serves. How simple!

So that Instant stock fprovided in the form of service works always as it should, a technically competent, reliable, efficient and well-coordinated team is needed. Its major concern here is that all customers are completely without worries. And the fact that it is successful in this endeavour is proven, for example, by a fast growing set of customers that execute the operation of their warehouse management via the Instant warehouse. Among them are, e.g. UPS Technology, Multitoys or 2KTransport, from the most recent ones we can mentionFoodish or Aerosol-service.

With a growing number of customers, it is also necessary that the team which takes care of the development of Instant stock grows, too. Currently, it amounts to 9 members, which represents a one-third more in a comparison between years. Besides other resources of CCV Information systems, for example in the area of development of logistics projects, analyses or product development, the composition of the narrowest core team comprises nine members.

A community of Instant warehouse (in alphabetical order) comprises:

  • Hanka is the soul of the product, a customer always gets good advice from her from how to label shelves to process warehouse consultancy.
  • Jiří is a specialised salesperson for “instant” warehousing, with whom customers consult business requirements.
  • Kamila communicates because without the right information, the customer care is not sufficient.
  • Libor is a programming diehard who will win in high quality in a fight with difficult requirements.
  • Mirek is an explorer focused on new customer initiatives.
  • Petr is a programmer and a consultant who has been in CCV for years specialising in warehouse management.
  • Radek is also not just any programmer and he expresses deep enthusiasm in new technology.
  • Sabina is a telephone support, sees to presale and hands over customer requirements.
  • Vašek is the chief wizard of the team who plans, evaluates and bears responsibility.

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