New ERP and WMS projects from building material retail, distribution and wholesale

8. January 2009

CCV has been implementing ERP or WMS systems at various other clients such as Aquacentrum, Metros SK, Scott, Stavospol SK, Vetro or Visimpex. Partially also due to the end of the year, some of the CCV Information systems' customers found themselves facing many interesting new challenges, projects and events, which have been taken over by CCV Business Solutions.

VETRO – PLUS, utility glass, porcelain and earthenware wholesaler commenced implementation of WMS solution CCV Warehouse management from CCV information systems. The solution operates on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform and will be connected to an ERP system implemented by AutoCont CZ, with which we cooperate on this project. It is a solution in the form of supplementary module, based on the decision made by the customer, VETRO - PLUS. The company also uses the services of CCV Information system in the domain of electronic business communication through the connection to the EDI ORION service.

The final phase of the IS implementation in METROS, has been agreed upon several months ago. METROS is an important player on the field of retail and wholesale of building and metallurgical materials. Microsoft Dynamics NAV information system has been successfully implemented and is now fully operational. Recently we have also progressed with the development of the information system for the Slovakian Metros SK.

Another company will benefit from a new business solution in the new year. Slovakian STAVOSPOL, which operates in the same division of the market, with similar assortment of building materials and also answers to its controlling company in the Czech Republic.

IERP system Microsoft Dynamics implementation has been carried out not only in the trading company GASTON, which is the biggest importer of tinned foodstuffs to the Central and Eastern Europe, but also to its siter company GORAL, which oprates in the same field in Slovakia. Currently we are in the process of preparing new supplementary modules.

Another wholesaler in the Slovak Republic that has decided for a comprehensive solution of their own information system in December 2008 - AQUACENTRUM - specialized retail and wholesale of pumping, gardening and sanitary technology.

VISIMPEX,which operates as a distributor in the domain of adhesive materials, based on the references of CCV Warehouse management, has decided to implement WMS solution CCV Warehouse management, based on the product MS Dynamics NAV and at the same time takes over the entire control of the information system.

Currently CCV's expert teams of implementators work on a range of interesting supplementary business modules for our current clientele. For all let us mention a project of the data warehouse for the retail cooperative TEMPO OPAVA, the biggest retail chain, also the development of cooperation with ACCOM, which distribures dairy products, and connecting another distributor.

New year will also bring an implementation of a new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0, which will happen in one of the prominent bycicles, ski and other sport equippment - SCOTT. Company that has recently celebrated the 50th anniversary represents a stable leader as far as the innovation in its own field are concerned, as well as the demand for the latest information technologies. Part of the new solution will be the creation of new internet shop for faster and more fluent commercial relation with its business partners.

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