New division for new products

14. August 2014

CCV Information Systems has established a new division – Innovation and Mobile Solutions. Václav Kameníček, previously the Marketing Manager of eBusiness division, was named its Director. 

Further development of the company will be supported by Marek Procházka, who left the position of the Director of the Business Solutions Division in order to take on the role of a Business Development Manager, with responsibility for the area of enterprise solutions. 

The newly founded division Innovation and Mobile Solutions is focused on generation of new products, development of existing services and their inclusion into the company's product portfolio. It will also take responsibility for design and development of mobile applications. 

‘IT services are constantly evolving; therefore it is very important for us to respond to the demands and wishes of the customers and come up with new options,’ comments on the new division it’s Director Václav Kameníček. 

  • More in the press release

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