Mobile application ORION EDI – for travelling as well as for instant overview

21. June 2016

We can undoubtedly smile at the meaningfulness of some applications at the very least, however, that’s definitely not the case of Mobile application ORION EDI. That’s because accessing orders through mobile phones is for the customers of ORION EDI service definitely extraordinarily practical. Not only do they have access to their received orders anytime and from anywhere but they can also confirm them or forward them in one click directly from the mobile phone to emails of their colleagues and thus instantly begin their execution.

A mobile application enabling quick sharing of information about company orders is aimed at more than 1 500 customers of ORION EDI service and is available totally for free. Its users appreciate the most its lucidity, speed and availability of the information from EDI communication, as certified also by Milan Weirich, Director of Czech and Slovak representative of WELEDA Company: „I want to have a constant overview of the company’s business. The mobile application ORION EDI is an easy and transparent control tool for me when I am travelling. Notifications inform me promptly about new orders from key customers and I can follow their status and periodicity continuously.“

The fact that the customers of Mobile application ORION EDI are using it truly actively is proven by the average visiting time which amounts to more than 4 minutes. It has gained higher popularity among the customers using Android operating system on their smartphones or tablets (82 % of downloads from Google Play), the remaining 18 % download the application through AppStore and thus use it on mobile devices with iOS operating system. 

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