MAKRO uses electronic catalogue for information collection from suppliers covering tens of thousands of products

19. January 2015

An important innovation on the path to a fully-fledged electronic exchange of master data about goods has been registered by the suppliers of the commercial chain MAKRO Cash & Carry. The company also made a new requirement that all information about food products be updated electronically via ORION eKatalog system.

Half a year later, there have already been tens of thousands of products from thousands of suppliers transferred only in electronic form. Among other things, the impetus for the adoption has been the regulation of the European Parliament and the European Council no. 1169/2011, which has entered into force in December 2014.  

‘The requirement to provide comprehensive electronic data from labels to consumers was the impetus for introduction of the electronic catalogue. As our partner for this project we chose CCV Information Systems,’ says Barbara Cikánková from the company MAKRO/METRO Cash & Carry, who is responsible for goods master data both in the Czech and Slovak markets, and adds: ‘We are already using the data from suppliers from the e-catalogue for tens of thousands of items from our range of goods. This step has proved beneficial also for our other undertakings due to having all information in one place and being able to easily access it for our company’s use. Furthermore, this system is also sufficiently easy to use and comprehensible for our suppliers.’

The electronic way of adding information about listed goods is used mainly by e-commerce department of MAKRO Cash & Carry. In the next phase of the project, the system will also be applied to list brand new products from new suppliers. It is good news for suppliers that they can work with an interface tailored to the requirements of a specific customer. Hence they can supply data through a system which is comprehensible for employees and available on-line. 

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