Instant warehouse improves picking templates and mobile view

10. May 2016

A solution for managing warehouses CCV Instant warehouse is coming with another version that includes numerous new improvements for a compact warehouse overview and quicker warehouse operations without errors.

Distance from an expeditionary zone, FIFO or rather according to expiration too? New improved picking templates are deployed into the current version. A system provided in the form of service and that uses a cloud platform Microsoft Azure thus updates these improvements for its customers on-line automatically without needing to install anything.

Simultaneously, a new web for the application Instant warehouse has been started which enables more quality and better visualisation of a graphical warehouse model. The new version with a responsive design thus enables displaying a system of managing warehouse effectively on any device, whether a warehouseman or a manager work with the application on a computer, mobile phone or tablet. The modern flat design has been tested among users and Instant warehouse is valued by its customers as very user friendly.

How Instant warehouse looks on different devices can be seen below.

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