How to claim receivables on time when partners declare insolvency?

9. November 2012

The insolvency registry monitoring is used to automatically supervise business partners' credibility. This new on-line service of the ORION consolidation centre has been in use in more than 400 companies only two months after its market entry.

The ORION centre customers can use the service to monitor not only the invoicing activity of its business partners, but in its Profi configuration newly also to import unlimited number of subjects' solvency data.

ORION monitoring of insolvency registry sends relevant notifications about particular partners' insolvency claims, decision on bankruptcy, or changes in documentation to an email address of your choice. Its main advantage is the speed of recording of all events, which is instantaneous. The registry can also be accessed even at times when in it is officially offline.

Many companies have found receivables' resolution increasingly difficult to deal with in the last years. Did you know that according to experts 15% of all claims are not submitted on time in insolvency procedures, resulting in their disqualification?


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