Have you got the system POHODA? Improve the warehouse management in it with the help of LOKiA WMS

26. August 2019

Accounting and economic system POHODA from STORMWARE s.r.o. is one of the most popular enterprise systems in the Czech Republic. Moreover, you can easily extend it with LOKiA WMS – an advanced warehouse solution that will improve the organization of your warehouse work, accelerate the shipping of goods or optimize warehouse routes.

Even though LOKiA WMS helps companies even with the advanced warehouse processes, operating it is incredibly simple. Within few days with this system

  • you will significantly improve the organization of the work of warehouse workers,
  • you will get a perfect overview of the level and location of all stocks,
  • you will accelerate the process of picking goods,
  • you will lower the number of complaints and returns
  • or you will set up a motivational system for rewarding warehouse workers.

Integrating LOKiA WMS with the system POHODA is smooth, both systems are technically prepared for integration and the subsequent data interchange takes place automatically. After some time, you might forget that you've got two different systems installed. LOKiA WMS is already among the official extensions on the website of POHODA PLUS.

„Interconnecting both systems usually takes 3 days, for this purpose we use a prepared API interface using the POHODA mServer,“ explains the simplicity of interconnection Tomáš Kormaňák, Product Manager of LOKiA WMS.

The fact that the collaboration between the systems works reliably has been verified in the recent years by many successful integrations. „We can interconnect with all known accounting and ERP systems, specifically in the case of the system POHODA, these are hundreds of integrations. We can interconnect it not only with the system LOKiA, but also with others, such as iNVOiCE FLOW or ORiON,“ adds Sales Director at GRiT, Lubomír Veselý.

It is iNVOiCE FLOW or ORiON that are useful tools which can facilitate the work of the POHODA users. The system iNVOiCE FLOW automates receipt, processing and archiving of overhead invoices, while ORiON is the most popular Czech tool for EDI – electronic document interchange.

The integration of these tools with the system POHODA is just as easy as in the case of LOKiA WMS and together, they move the possibilities of the accounting and economic system to a whole new level.

I am interested in extending the system POHODA.

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