Globus chose CCV as its new main EDI provider

30. June 2010

The supermarket chain Globus ČR has in a selecting procedure chosen its new provider of electronic data interchange with its suppliers. CCV Information systems has thus replaced Telefónica O2 the hitherto main provider of EDI services to Globus ČR.

Globus ČR that offers around 15 thousand different kinds of foodstuffs and 45 thousand non food items (together with 50 thousand DIY items in their Baumarkt stores) has in a selecting procedure chosen its new provider of EDI communication with their suppliers. CCV Information systems has thus become a key partner and replaced the hitherto supplier of EDI services to Globus ČR - Telefónica O2.

The provider change will be carried out in a single day - 24th June 2010. Until then the suppliers of Globus ČR will migrate from Telefónica O2 servers to those of CCV Information systems, so that the swap of providers could occur smoothly on both sides and on the chosen date. "The fact that we have become the main provider of EDI services to Globus ČR makes us feel very grateful and committed at the same time. Our solution EDI ORION represents a tested and reliable tool to deal with electronic communication according to Globus ČR's individual needs, which we were able to get to know thanks to our long lasting cooperation," says David Reichel, head of the CCV eBusiness division.

EDI from CCV Information systems for all suppliers but one

With regards to the fact that CCV Information systems has been providing electronic data interchange solutions to its customers on the Czech and Slovak markets for more than ten years, it is one of the two most popular EDI communication providers on the market. Similarly to other retail chains its share amongst the suppliers of Globus ČR is also the largest - 41% of all suppliers. The only other provider with an important share of suppliers is Editel (35%), the next three EDI providers have around five per cent (and less) each. It's the customers of Editel, that are Globus' suppliers at the same time represent the exception - their electronic communication can be dealt with directly, similarly to the dealing with retail chain's customers hitherto connected to Globus through the ORION consolidation centre from CCV. All other suppliers of Globus ČR will be connected via EDI ORION as of the 24th June 2010 by CCV Information systems.

"We prefer the use of efficient technologies in our long-term business contact with our suppliers, since they facilitate our cooperation and significantly accelerate the flow of information and goods. I am convinced that our choice of a new main EDI services provider is good news for our suppliers and a step towards strengthening of our business relations and will help make our cooperation with suppliers even more efficient" adds Jan Dadík, head of the items economics and organization department of Globus ČR, to the change undergone.

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