Farmers, food producers and a retail about increasing effectiveness in relationships

10. May 2016

Over 130 representatives of agricultural and food companies met with retailers at a traditional conference „Expected trends in food industry and agriculture“ that took place on 6th April in a hotel Holiday Inn in Brno.

The topics revolved around the regular like the possibilities of supporting export, as well as the current novelties such as palm oil or Law on significant market power Amendment.

During the afternoon part, the conference focused on improving relationships using electronic document interchange among trading subjects. Among the key speakers was also David Reichel, Director of CCV Information systems division who introduced the possibilities of deeper usage of EDI technology which is already domesticated in the segment of FMCG.

Using real, practical stories, he outlined how it is possible to use a solution ORION EDI not just for the structured interchange of business and logistics documents but also for analyses of sales of buyers or the work with unstructured documents. A full usage of these quickly applicable services enables eliminating 100 % of paper orders, delivery notes, invoices and other documents and have them in an electronic form only with all the advantages connected with it.

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